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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TMNT 2012 Basic: Raphael!

05.08.2013 – Busting out from the hit animated series from Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is Raphael the bad boy among the four fearsome heroes trained by a Japanese mutated human turned rat in Splinter. The action figure is based from the TMNT series that premiered in 2012 has finally arrived in Philippine shores.

It was previously sighted in retail stores such Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom carrying the first wave of the series by long time manufacturer of TMNT in Playmates Toys who has been tied to the brand since its original toys came out in 1988.

There super teams like the Avengers that featured individual heroes that can have each member have their own spotlight. But there are also the Fantastic Four that you can’t just have one character have his solo comic book or cartoon much like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which was made originally as a satire influenced by pop culture that would turn out to be one of the best known brands in the popular culture.

The latest action figures based from Nickelodeon’s hit TV series definitely was sold out in the US when it first came out late in 2012. It would be the same thing happening in the Philippines as the toys has finally made it in local retail.

Just as mentioned super teams like the FF and TMNT are unlike the Avengers or Justice League. As they are a uniformed unit of individuals compared to the team that make up of individual characters. TMNT is one unit that can be distinguished as a uniform of individuals and if you try to acquire one character you have to get the rest.

But if you’re the person who has one particular favorite character that doesn’t stop you to owning just one of the four turtles. For this spotlight we take a look at Raphael who’s distinct personally matches his “bad boy” err “bad turtle” attitude that stands out as the team’s bruiser as well as now known character compared to his previous iteration.

Raphael’s deep green colors stands out as well as his body size among his brothers and the details of this figure shows how battle savvy he is in the animated series.

Armed with his trademark Sais, Ralph known to his fellow comrades is a fighter much like Leonardo but with a short temper that matches his facial expression in this figure. The figure just like the classic ones released back in 1988 carries extra weapons packed in the familiar tree.

The more articulated and detailed figure put Playmates Toys quality above the expectation as you can see the wrapped fingers and amount of scars in the battle worn chest of Ralph.

Some have minor gripes of not having a waist joint and limited leg movement on this figure. But for every toy that comes out there will always be nitpicking due to its lack of ultimate perfection.

Ralph overall is a great figure he just needs his fellow turtle brothers to see his unique personality that translates from the animated series that’s the makings of another hit with the younger generation who has not seen the old school characters.

But this is not your TMNT as Ralph carries an edgier bedside manner that matches the sharp tips of his signature weapon of choice.

The other variation of this figure won’t be found in the single basic assortment release but only in the ninja Stealth Cycle that features Ralph with an alternate head wearing a yellow bike helmet that seems to be non-removable.

You only need one basic Raphael to represent your favorite TMNT character and for every assortment among the four he’s comes limited in quantity compared to the other three. Besides that he’s wearing a red mask and being the muscle of the turtles he’s the one who gets be bought out first.

Raphael is part of the first wave of basic action figures from the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles based from the hit Nickelodeon animated TV series which retails for PhP 499.75 pesos manufactured by Playmates Toys which is distributed by Europlay Distributor Co. in the Philippines!

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