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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Non-Spoiler Review: The Man of Steel!

06.12.2013 – The Man of Steel has been getting heavy promotions the past few days having the actors appear in US talk shows while DC Entertainment pushes the film in revealing more than TV spots as well as never before seen trailers.

Yesterday it has also showed the red carpet premier live feed online and the Philippines is one of the countries that gets to have a special press media screening that was graced by local celebrities and personalities. A few days earlier it had a special promotional exhibit at second biggest mall in the world.

The special press media advance screening of Man of Steel was held at the IMAX Theater in SM Mall of Asia Wednesday night. Most of the people representing Warner Bros. Studios in the Philippines are wearing their licensed “S” shirts.

As early as 7:30 PM the people invited who got to see the film where already relaxed in their seats waiting for the screening.

But before the film rolled Warner representatives had a short game sponsored by Gillette giving away special prizes for the winners. They also mentioned the upcoming film in Pacific Rim which will be shown next month.

The screening has started straight to the start of the Man of Steel without any trailers and the film is VERY long. To avoid spoilers we’re sworn to secrecy in giving away plot points and details of what went down. If you’re following the TV spots, trailers and the clip that Henry Cavill shared during his guesting on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno practically you’ll get “bread crumbs” of the whole bread that’s waiting for you to eat.

The collaboration between Zack Snyder (300, Sucker Punch & Watchmen) and Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight Trilogy & Inception) is something bigger than what you expected in a “Superman” movie.

The production value and quality poured in this film is so enormous you’ll stop comparing it to the film from 2006 directed by Bryan Singer or even the ones directed by Richard Donner that has the late Christopher Reeve. DC Entertainment is banking on this film to be their salvation from the juggernaut that made Marvel Entertainment THE superhero company that has a bigger world.

As mentioned there are bread crumbs in the TV spots and trailers that you would find it interesting for this film. If you’re into looking at every scene you’ll see Easter eggs and connection to other would be DC Entertainment film. Of course there are connections also to the former films.

But if you don’t really paying attention to the background and cinematic scenes just enjoying the action and the twists that came with the story it’s something it will grow on you as it centers on Clark Kent’s heritage as an adopted son and a former Kryptonian. It shows how he was raised with human values. This is how you’ll see Kal-El in the real world if he ever existed.

What makes this a promising film is the score by Hans Zimmer though not as epic as John Williams it makes the movie stand out on its own. It’s entirely a different “Superman” film that really gives you the heavy punches and the huge explosions in epic proportions that’s really pushing the production value up there.

The actors that surrounds new comer Henry Cavill makes him flesh out his acting chops. He has very big shoes to fill and he nails it with great ease having taken “Superman” to skies with such great impression that really leaps at you in the comic book pages.

There are mixed reviews about this film but we highly suggest not to pay too much attention. We urge you to take the leap of faith in watching this with your friends, family and love ones as it is definitely worth seeing to believe it. If DC Entertainment wants to go toe to toe with Marvel in the big screen Man of Steel needs to be as successful as it had made Iron Man that start of something big for Marvel.

In the end it’s all up to the fans and those who would see it just to be entertained and definitely highly suggest it as “Superman” is the granddaddy of all super heroes celebrating 75 years.

The Man of Steel is Rated PG 13 which opens today June 12, 2013 in Philippine cinemas available in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D from Warner Bros. Picture Studios.

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