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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Meal 2013: Despicable Me 2 US Release!

07.03.2013 – The movie comes out in the US in less than 24 hours and there was no details of what the minions that will come out but thanks to those who followed the updates regarding the releases in some parts of the world.

In the Philippines prior to the movie’s release it was sold out and no word on a restock as previously reported during the premier last Saturday that they have 1.2 million units allotted for the whole duration of the promotions.

For those who can’t get enough of the minion craze that’s not enough to keep up with the demand because it became trending in the social media like Facebook and Twitter that everyone wants their hands on the little henchmen.

There are also flippers and hoarders cashing in the hype as there are individuals buying out the ones that immediately got sold out. Surely the reception for this month’s Happy Meal was an all-time high that the adults are collecting them and not the kids. McDonald’s should take account that their meal toys has become part of the culture regardless which toys they are coming out each month there is a market for these.

The US release has added TWO new minions to the growing NINETEEN previously reported of seventeen. Now they have these not available in Asia, Australia and South America. They are Dave Banana Babbler and Stuart Blaster with the now famous Fart Gun.

They released eight minions that include five from Australia and one that came out from both regions plus two exclusive minions that was mentioned.

Some parts of Asia has not gotten their minions like in Singapore due to the controversy behind the Hello Kitty plush toys that was only released in that country everyone has gotten into a frenzy that they are delaying the release of the next Happy Meal to coincide the release of the film similar to what the US has done to control the release of the toys.

In the Philippine the toys in department stores has been sold out long before the film was released just like that everyone who has not seen the film would still look forward to get their own minions but as it looks bleak for a restock that would be far too possible.

Right now there are selected areas that are fairly out of the way would have the minions complete and if you’re lucky enough to have that opportunity to find that McDonald’s store take the advantage as you’re not the only buying them. Expect competition and also see someone sell a complete set in online selling sites for twice the amount.

The Smurfs is the next toys in the US and they already have a line-up of SIXTEEN that might not appear in the other regions similar to what happened in 2011.

Now that’s another collection to worry about right?

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