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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Movie Musings: Spoiler Free Review: The Wolverine

So we just got back from a 9:00AM screening of The Wolverine at Resorts World Manila. While I feel very grateful for the free tickets there is still much to be said about their policy of having to register for a membership card to get a movie ticket (it was inconvenient and disorganized) I will still say thank you and leave it at that and go on to my spoiler free movie review. I still love you Resort's World - I'll make sure to be a member to avoid any inconveniences in the future. :P 

Okay so going back to The Wolverine - first off - I will say that I absolutely loved it! Liked is an understatement because I loved it! Easily 4 out of 5 stars! It was able to redeem itself from the awfully cliche-ridden X-Men: Origins movie - The Wolverine (which is a stand alone sequel after X-Men III: The Last Stand) has no cliches' what so ever and is in fact quite unpredictable. There are times in the movie where I found myself thinking 'Okay - so what's next?' because you absolutely have no idea what's coming and you'll definitely be quick on your feet and thinking throughout the movie, which is always a welcome experience when watching a movie. Sometimes it's not all about the effects and the fight scenes you also got to make your brain work and like a very good book 'The Wolverine' has surprises in every corner. Can I just tease that there is definitely a shocker scene and something that you definitely won't expect. (Wink. Wink). Oh and don't hold on to your horses for this one - you don't know who your enemies or allies are - so watch out! 

Set in modern day Japan - with a bit of the old - it was a refreshing change to the usual X-Men (Xavier school for the gifted setting :P) 

It was also refreshing to see a cast and pool of characters who are mostly human. You don't have to be a mutant to be a bad guy you know and the humans in the movie really make up for not having mutant powers by being modern day ninjas, complete with the running along roof tops and stealth mode. Not only does Wolverine's adamantium claws take on Ninja kunai and the Samurai sword in this movie but he also butts heads and takes an epic bullet train ride with the Yakuza. 

While the previous X-Men movies showed humans who hated mutants, in this movie you will get to meet humans who are obsessed with them and well, you know the saying - too much of something is bad- really bad.

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