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Monday, August 19, 2013

DC Nation: The Riddler in Riddle Me This!

08.19.2013 – DC Entertainment has been playing catch up with Marvel’s movie franchise churning up the best ones that has been long planned. But from where they have been failing there are other parts of the company have been successful.

They have been consistent bringing the best animated movies and series that have become popular that it looked easy for them to come up with interesting short clips.

Just like the latest animated short featuring The Riddler in “Riddle Me This!” Cartoon Network in the US have been airing animated shorts during their DC Nation block of programming some might have already come across but surely there are others who haven’t heard about these animated short just like this Riddler story…

DC Nation has a YouTube channel where the animated short gets re-broadcast online and they also feature events which includes behind the scenes look at DC Entertainment. For more LIKE DC Nation on Facebook!

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