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Friday, August 9, 2013

Geek Week 2013: This is Why We Love Comics!

08.09.2013 – It’s Geek Week on YouTube and several videos paying tribute to the event featured the launch of the new Thor: The Dark World trailer and countless interesting videos that you might come across that will inform and entertain you.

Buzzfeed however has something in mind and since the Philippines is gearing up for the second annual Komikon Indieket this Saturday why not promote the video “This is Why We Love Comics!”

Certainly it would build momentum in just appreciating a good read and why not only promote YouTube Geek Week but also an upcoming Komikon event!

If you grew up reading comics this video might relate to you but it’s also for those who are curious about picking a comic book. These days aside from reading novels, the comic book transcends to medium in TV and movies.

Most of the films being made now are inspired by the comic books. It’s becoming the source material and for some who never read four colored 20 page adventures of the superheroes that dominated the box office this video might inspire you to know more about comic books…

Acknowledgements to Buzzfeed for making this inspiring documentary and for more of their videos subscribe to their channel on YouTube at: BuzzFeedVideo

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