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Friday, August 9, 2013

IndieKet 2013: Event Details & More!

08.09.2013 – Komikon Indieket is back on its second year focusing on the independent publishing where new Filipino made comics gets introduced. If last year’s event brought in new material and introducing artists who had their work sold out then the second one will be a little bit bigger.

Indieket gives spotlight to the small market that you rarely see in your local comic shop. It’s where original material gets discovered away from established publishers. It’s more like what APE (Alternative Print Expo) does in the US.

This year will be grander than before and there more participating local comic shops are present to pick up new works which possibly might appear in their stores. The Philippine comic book industry survived and it’s because independent publishing flourished. It gave a new avenue to artists who used to work with established publishers that folded.

If you’re planning to get “early bird” tickets to beat the hassle of standing you can get them at Comic Odyssey at their Robinsons Galleria branch.

The venue will occupy only half of the Bayanihan Center since they are featuring rising artists, writers, and new indie publishers. There will be talks and the highlighted guest will be featured on stage giving advice to those who are just breaking into the local scene.

There was a list of participating independent publishers who will have their tables in the event and as highly suggested that you bring cash because some does not take credit. Here is the full roster of Independent Komiks of individuals and groups that you might like to check it out this Saturday….

Salmon Komiks
Komika Studios
Dayo Comics
Vellum Bamboo
AX Zero
Nuclear Winter
Ransom Rogers
T Phase
UP Grail
Graphic Literature Guild
Komik Eric
Pinoy Indies Desk
Circle 421
Red Manga Alliance
Ugly Ink
Kowtow Komiks
Freely Abrigo
Kawayan Komiks
Revel Circle
Kama Komiks
Pirte Ba Media
Hollowpoint Studios
Bokimkatje Komiks
Lakan at Makisig
Pagsapuge Komiks
Ikos Komiks
Pinoy Jokes + Manga Art
Troti Studios
Studio 4 Eyes
Happy Lockjaw
Silent Sanctum Manga
Dark Bulb
Pelikomiks Studios

Besides the list of participating independent artists and publishers the well-established ones will be present to guide and also to help promote the event as it grows annually. If you love comics and just hang out with your favorite artists come drop by Indieket.

You got Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada, Dr. Carlo San Juan of Callous Comics, and Gilbert Monsanto of Bayan Komiks will be the featured artists for this year.

Get to know them and their creations and if you want to break into the industry these three gentlemen will definitely give you the right advice. They will guide you on your way to making great comics.

There will be notable indie publishers and artists who will be there and we got a few of them covered. But for the rest of stuff that you’ll see at Indieket check out the article at Baliw na Baka (Crazy Cow) by Psychocow.

If you haven’t heard of “Puso Negro” chances are you have missed seeing this last year and there’s already a second issue. From the genius of JP Palabon its a “slice of life” comics about the character named Puso and his life adventures that you may find out soon enough when you grab a copy.

Bakemono High has been quite a good read and if you already got the first issue last Summer Komikon but the second issue won’t be out this Saturday. Instead Elbert Or will treat you to a new material with Manosaur Book One: Manosaur vs Corgi.

Hand Drawn, Quartered & Other Tall-Tales Book 1 & 2 by Ariel Atienza is an interesting read another “Slice of Life” kind of comics that you should read about. If you have heard of Ariel’s creation in Class and Westside this book is different with a tad of serious side in telling the story. The newly re-released book is now combined into one and its release will be this Saturday at Indieket.

Last but not the least pick up that you should check at Indieket this Saturday is The Dark Colony Book I: Mikey Recio & the Secret of the Demon Dungeon, The creators JB Tapia, Bow Guerrero and Budjette Tan will be present to sign your copy, chat with you and will be there to probably reveal a little bit of Book II.

So if you don’t have no place to go drop by Indieket 2013 and see the growing independent comic book scene in the Philippines.

Komikon Indieket 2013 opens its doors at 10 AM to 7 PM at the Bayanihan Center on August 10, 2013 and entrance at the door is PhP 100.00 pesos. For more details of the event LIKE Komikon Indieket on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @Indieket

Visit the official site at:

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