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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Meal Spotlight: DM2 US Minions!

08.25.2013 – The Despicable Me 2 minions featured as the Happy Meal toy between June-July 2013 has stirred a lot of interest that in some regions caused long lines just to complete the versions that came out.

The US release was kept secret until the rest of the ones released first in the Asian region got sold out. The ones came out in the US is a combination of the ones that came out in Australia and the Asian region with two new minions introduced only for that country which made it a unique line up.

Not only did the US release have introduced Dave Banana and Stuart Blaster (with Fart Gun) it has an exclusive Happy Meal box decked with the Despicable Me 2 theme in red featuring a minion playing around with his milk.

The Happy Meal box is an exclusive collectible itself since some regions including the Philippines has discontinued featuring one as far back since 2001. There was a time that McDonald’s Philippines held an event to celebrate its founding back in 2011. It’s where they had a small press event for with a Q&A segment and they replied that they don’t have plans to bring back the box due to being expensive to make which has become an iconic part of the menu being a “Happy Meal” product.

In its distinct appearance the Happy Meal box is colorful with one side dedicated to be colored in red with a smile as its signature appearance. Underneath the box is the detail for the next toy to be featured which includes the answers to the puzzles and games that is featured in one side of the box.

They also included healthy nutrition information a chart featuring McDonald’s products and how many calories each food and drink. The box can be easily fold and kept in storage for those who collect them and each release with the new toy featured is unique in a sense that without the Happy Meal box it’s not a Happy Meal at all. Because ever since it was introduced as the way to recognize McDonald’s product for kids even the ones who grew up with it.

The Minions that was released in the US last month was sought after second only to the ones that came out in South America which definitely going for $50 US dollars on eBay auction site. The Asian release has exclusive minions that did not make it to the US release the same way the Australian release have.

Stuart Blaster (with Fart Gun) is an interesting minion by itself which was only released in the US territory along with Dave Banana. The signature weapon of every minion is the Fart Gun which first appeared in the first movie.

The figurine has an articulated right arm while the rest is static but this minion is not perfect when it comes to paint job. Just like his fellow co-workers some have imperfect details and uneven paint. Stuart is more similar in appearance to the Dave Gadget Grabber that was first seen released in Australia and Asia. The gimmick for Stuart is simple there’s a button behind the figurine when you push it mimics the fart sound.

Dave Banana is the centerpiece for every minion collection because it’s the appearance really defined the character in its entirety. If you have seen one particular exclusive clip that was released in the DVD for the original film Dave was the one who had the banana for lunch which was envy for the other minions until they have lost it in the clip.

The figurine is completely static as Dave is depicted staring in awe while holding a banana which definitely a must have to be in the middle of every minion on your display which defined why Despicable Me became popular.

When you move the left arm gently Dave speaks fast saying “Banana” repeatedly then slowly in a very sexy tone he says “Ohh… Banana…” as the sound bites a gimmick for this minion to speak his obsession for the yellow fruit. There’s a switch behind the figurine to activate the sound for him to speak and that’s Dave and his banana.

In the US release the minions are numbered in their uniformed black themed packaging unlike the ones released in Asia and Australia which is depicted by color.

Overall the concept for the minions being released having exclusive characters in various regions is a difficult challenge for someone get interested in getting all of them. The difficult ones are released in South America which is impossible to acquire unless you know someone in these territories.

The US minions where hard enough to get since Dave Banana the most popular of all the minions followed by Stuart with the standard issue Fart Gun which was designed by Dr. Nefario due to his problem hearing what Gru really wanted.

This promotion doesn’t end for those who have missed acquiring the necessary characters to complete them as the Minions spins off in a new movie coming December 2014 and expect to see McDonald’s possibly reissue some of these memorable henchmen to take advantage in anticipating the prequel.

Happy Meal is a form of kids' meal specifically marketed at children sold at the fast-food chain McDonald's since June 1979 and it has become a hobby for some who grew up collecting the toys based a marketing tie-in to a popular film, TV show, or toy-line.

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