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Saturday, August 10, 2013

HERAKUT in Manila: Post Live Art Coverage!

08.10.2013 – If you missed another live session with HERAKUT at the Bridge Way in Fully Booked then don’t miss out what would happen today. Yesterday was just a live art session with the amazing duo who painted a large mural in the side of the Book design section and that’s what you call great wall of art.

The session lasted for more than hours where the artists interacted with the audience who witness them go to work. The two German artists is enjoying their first time stay in Manila over the week checking out Philippine culture.

Fully Booked is selling their books “The Perfect Merge” (PhP 1,299.00 pesos) and “After the Laughter” (PhP 1,499.00 pesos) as well as their shirts for PhP 500.00 pesos each.

If you’re planning to have your book sign you can have it leave at their counter with details who to dedicate the book. Seeing them paint some sections of Fully Booked would be great just as what they did Thursday night at Vinyl on Vinyl at The Collective in Malugay Street.

Post live art sessions were taken prior to the staff from asking everyone to move back to the main building of the bookstore as the artists is putting up finishing touches on the huge mural they made and if you missed it check out the set of photos here…

HERAKUT will have another live paint session this time with local street artists Whoop Wonka, Anjo Bolarda, and Rai Cruz at 3 PM in the Top Shelf of Fully Booked.

For more details of the event LIKE Full Booked on facebook and follow Lucy on Twitter at: @_fullbooked

You can catch upcoming art gallery launches at Vinyl on Vinyl and you can also find them just LIKE their Facebook page and follow on Twitter at: @VinylonVinyl

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