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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Did you win Toonami’s Ultimate Writing Contest?

09.19.2013 – Toonami Asia launched in late 2012 is a spin off cable channel from Cartoon Network which caters more to young adults having content featuring super hero related shows enough action packed non-stop animated adventures.

Sometime in March Toonami Asia also launched the Toonami Inception 2013 at the Eastwood which is an open event. In the same year Toonami launched their “Tell the story of NAMI” writing contest which chose one winner.

Hundreds of fans from all around Southeast Asia submitted entries for this competition and out from those entries one winner emerged and Zachary from the Philippines was announced as the winner.

However, after several attempts to get in touch with him, he has yet to come forward to claim his prize. They have tried to contact him through his email but there was no response and by any chance the name “Zachary” might not be his real name but if ever you come across this news please feel free to send private message through Toonami Asia’s Facebook page or HERE!

Toonami Asia is set to launch an original animated feature in NAMI which will make its debut online this Thursday on September 26, 2013 via their Official YouTube Channel!

Details of the upcoming NAMI animated feature press release was sent by Toonami Asia in search of that winner and more…

Toonami, the home of the superhero, is on the lookout for the writer behind the winning entry of an Asia-wide contest. But there’s one problem—his identity remains to be a mystery! Is he in disguise?

Earlier this year, hundreds of fans from around Southeast Asia submitted entries to Toonami’s “Tell the story of NAMI” competition. Contestants were asked to fill in the details of the story of NAMI, an artificial life form from the year 2099, who comes back to present day Earth to warn superheroes that the world is on the brink of destruction.

After months of careful consideration, the channel’s creative team has chosen the winning entry submitted by Zachary from the Philippines. But after several attempts to get in touch with him, he has yet to respond.

“At the moment, we are producing awesome animated shorts centred on NAMI, produced by world class artists and also featuring original music,” said Glenn Bartlett, Creative Director for Toonami. “We’re eager to find Zachary so that he may be able to see his words incorporated into these clips.”

A total of three animated clips, plus a music video featuring an original song by hip hop artist Kadesh Flow will debut on Toonami and its YouTube channel ( starting this month. Toonami viewers will be able to see it first on the channel (SKYCable Ch 42 and Cignal Ch 36). But the first clip of NAMI and the Age of Superheroes makes its global debut online on Thursday, September 26, via YouTube!

The search for Zachary is on. Do you have any idea where he is and how to contact him? Come forward and help us find our hero in disguise.

Zachary’s submission is entitled “NAMI and the Age of Superheroes” and begins with the line: “The invasion caught everyone off guard. It was organized, swift and deadly.”

If you have any ideas of Zachary’s whereabouts, please send us a message through the Official Toonami Asia Facebook page.

Stay tuned to see NAMI’s story unfold.

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