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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Movie Review: Elysium.

09.05.2013 – “Elysium” a science fiction film which stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley taking place in the year 2154 which reflects what is society is depicted in reality where there two social factions: The rich and those who are deemed unworthy.

This sums up the premise and the theme of the film that touches what society has dictated since the time where civilization has begun. If you haven’t seen the film please thread carefully as there might be unwanted spoilers but for the curious ones move forward after the jump…

In the future there’s the space station known as “Elysium” a paradise for those who called them worthy and to some it’s the place the wealthy has prospered. The underlying theme of discrimination that has been told in these types of movies in the past can’t be ignored.

In reality it still happens to most in some places across the globe and the dark future does carry with its interesting concept.

The visuals definitely tell you how Earth has become a crime filled place harsh enough to some to live by its standards. It takes you back to other futuristic films like Mad Max and In Time where there divisions in a society. It looks believable and how elements come together that makes a believable future.

Matt Damon leads the film with a great set of cast that includes Academy Award winner in Jodie Foster and an interesting character actor in Sharlto Copley. The sequence is not fast paced but well enough for you to delve into the story.

The technology looks believable with the Police using machines interacting with humans and the weapons definitely quite an eye opening lethal than your average machine guns. It’s a dark and yet fun to watch out as it happens and for most of the focus was always on Matt Damon’s character and some flashbacks.

Jodie Foster haven’t had much films in the past but her role on this one is a little of a refreshing being cast what everyone used to see her. You’ll find a different take on how she portrays this character as the movie begins.

For most that have seen Sharlto Copley in District 9 who has the same director in this film you know what kind of relentless machine he was here. He’s a far out cry from the A-Team remake taking the role of Murdock from Dwight Schultz. But this is where you’ll find how he pushes the role of a psychotic mercenary.

Overall “Elysium” is a great sci-fi film that delves with social issues that was already been used in previous films but it has a different take how it was translated here. There definitely something’s missing that would truly get you interested but rated 7 out 10 is good enough there’s something for you to see it for yourself how everything flows.

Elysium is now showing nationwide from TriStar Pictures and Media Rights Capital to be distributed by by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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