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Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Meal Asia 2013: Doraemon!

10.11.2013 – Doraemon is Japan’s Cultural Icon a robot cat who time traveled from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy called Nobita Nob first appearing in Japanese Manga in December 1969 created by Fujiko Fujio.

The Happy Meal promotion for Asia is Doraemon featuring collectibles that was originally released in Japan sometime in March 2013. Doraemon was also a promotional collectible in 2011with another fast food restaurant in the Philippines. It comes to a surprise the Philippines has released the latest Happy Meal yesterday.

The Happy Meal for the month of October 2013 is Doraemon which will be released in selected parts of the Asian region.

A fan who grew up watching Doraemon will definitely take advantage collecting all six promotional items. The Happy Meal Box that was released in the Philippines will still be the same theme that was not tailored made for Doraemon.

The six collectible items are Wrist Takecopter, Doraemon’s Bag, Light Up Bell, Sticker Dispenser, Air Cannon and Talking Doraemon Door.

In the six Doraemon collectible the Talking Door is the most sought after as some McDonald’s store are already sold out due to its size. There three figures in the set that featured some cool gimmick like the Wrist Take Copter that launches a yellow copter blade while the Air Cannon is something unique that it was mistaken for to squirt water. The Sticker Dispenser has mini stickers when you rotate his arms.

Doraemon’s bag and the Light up bell are two accessories of the famous cat’s favorite things that he wears in the anime as well as depicted in the Japanese manga.

All collectibles are available in the Philippines starting October 10, 2013 while in Singapore it’s being sold every Thursday at 11 AM. To get more details on availability of the Doraemon collectibles check your McDonald’s in your region!

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