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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Secrets of "Clasificado" Revealed!

11.27.2013 – Clasificado is a sampler/preview for the second book for The Dark Colony by Bow Guerrero, JB Tapia and Budjette Tan. The brilliant marketing for the much awaited continuation from that graphic novel released last Summer Komikon 2013.

It was announced the mysterious folder surrounding the secrets revealing The Order of St. Michael would be limited to 60 pieces. Originally Bow mentioned it was only good for 50 but everyone went on to message him to produce 10 more…

The Dark Colony: Book II won’t be out until the end of April 2014, and it won’t be able to make the next Summer Komikon release. The locally acclaimed adventures of Mike Recio and The Order of St. Michael have not begun yet, but fans are hoping to see what happens next with revelations from the “Clasificado” sampler/preview.

Bow had brought the copies sold during the Art with Heart fund raising event for the victims of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and was sold for PhP 60.00 pesos ($1.37 US).

Just like in the last pages of the first book the mysterious folder takes inspiration from the series which was co-created by Budjette Tan and JB Tapia. The authentic brown folder is as impressive as it was seen in the last pages from The Dark Colony: Book I.


The folder is sealed from top to bottom so the files won’t fall off and it’s stamped with a special seal from The Order of St. Michael. Once you opened the brown folder it reveals three things that you would eventually look forward to the next book.

It’s great that the creators put some cool factor to The Dark Colony making it more authentic than your usual comic book series. The concept alone would really catch your attention just to get the fans interested in awaiting Book II.


The main story is still unknown for Book II deals, but the second story is titled “The Grinning Nino Barang.” The first two pages preview during the aftermath focuses on Mike Recio's story. The young man who still finding the truth behind his family and his relation to The Order of St. Michael. This is untitled main story is written by Budjette Tan and art by Bow Guerrero.

Then you got JB Tapia writing the second part where “The Grinning Nino Barang” tells more revelations told in comics. Previously the second part in the first book was written in text supported with art by Guerrero. This is where more stories revealed how the order came to be and how these monsters started to appear in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial times.

There are also further page preview to support the story about “The Grinning Nino Barang” that would give you some chills. For the second book expect brilliant stories from the two writers and their talented artist.

Not to forget there are also behind the scene samples of the script how the second book is taking shape. It’s interesting that the creators let you know how detailed the book is being made. It shows quality worthy not only for the local readers, but also getting attention outside the Philippines.

The studio art board and sample pages revealed as the “Clasificado” folder is as impressive as what the next chapter for The Dark Colony. If you haven’t picked up the first book it’s highly recommended as previously reviewed some months back.

Bow Guerrero said that the second book is thicker now that the part JB Tapia has written is now a comic book rather than just words. It’s going to be more challenging and interesting with this limited edition sampler definitely worthy of a collectible item for the recently new book that was released last summer.


Originally back in Komikon 2012, The Dark Colony was known as “The Mystery Ride.” It’s still considered as one since everyone is still left in the dark with a lot of questions leading to the second book.

The “Clasificado” has given you a mystery to ponder and the ride which has not begun. The Dark Colony: Book II feat. “The Grinning Nino Barang” will be released in summer 2014 from Budjette Tan, JB Tapia and Bow Guerrero.

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