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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kids Meal Spotlight: Green Lantern Force Collection!

12.10.2013 – The Green Lantern: The Animated Series was launched last Saturday on Toonami Asia, and to support the show here’s a spotlight on the Emerald Warrior. The most popular among the Green Lantern is Hal Jordan.

For those casual viewers who spent watching Justice League Animated, who have known John Stuart as the Green Lantern would be familiar by now with Hal Jordan due to the live action film from 2011. Jollibee a fast food chain in the Philippines has a promo that had Green Lantern as their Kids Meal toy in 2012…

Green Lantern: The Animated Series promo from Jollibee was released sometime in August 2012 and you collect two toys. In the past Jollibee has released two waves of five inch action feature figures based from the Justice League Animated and Justice League Unlimited in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They also released Marvel properties for their Kids Meal exclusive only to the Philippines. Green Lantern is not their recent DC related promotion as early this year they have released related to Man of Steel.


The set have a basic Hal Jordan figure as Green Lantern with a very long right arm. This also includes three accessories a hammer, shield, and lantern (believed to be based from the Justice League Unlimited lantern).

Hal Jordan is a solid piece translucent figure with the only articulated right arm that can simulate to appear “flying.” His appearance is not show accurate from the series, and it’s based more on the 2D art by Bruce Timm.

The three accessories can be attached to Hal Jordan’s right arm, and to use the action feature there’s knob on his right should to simulate the “spinning action.” The figure stands 3” to 4” inch tall and sometimes fall face flat due to having tiny feet. Not to mention his wrist is thin too and the right hand is made of soft plastic.


This set is mostly a role play toy having a “power ring,” tow-piece stand, and four transparent plates to use with the ring. The ring of course won’t fit to any adult’s finger unless you want to wear it using your pinky.

The two-piece stand is not just an ornament display that has the word “Green Lantern” engraved with the logo. It acts as a ring holder that let you use the light gimmick and the four transparent plates displaying different logos sort of like “bat signal.”

Green Lantern rings emit emerald light but this one appears to have a red LED, and would this be a Red Lantern’s right perhaps? But there’s no actual explanation other than probably due to budget constraints red LED must be inexpensive.


You can combine the use of the “power ring” and Hal Jordan as there’s a peg that let you attach the ring for the light gimmick for the figure. If the LED used green it would be way better, but you have to understand the limitations of Kids Meal toys.

Collecting both “Energy Spinner” and Force Field Ring” would allow you to have better play value since tis never difficult to have both. But out of the two sets the Energy Spinner immediately got sold out.

You’ve got a Green Lantern that has three accessories and you’re good to go, but if you want the best interactive play the Force Field Ring adds more value of fun.

There are no reports if it was released in the US since Jollibee have some chain of stores in the west coast. But overall it’s rare that Jollibee would have it available outside the country, and mostly this is sold exclusively for the Philippine market.

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