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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movie Review: A Little Bit of Zombie!

02.26.2014 – A Little Bit of Zombie is an indie film directed by Casey Walker, which garnered its own cult following during the time it was being crowdsoruced to be funded in the span of five years.

The film premiered originally on February 4, 2012 at the Victoria Film Festival in Victoria, British Columbia and was released on to DVD on July 16, 2013. In the Philippines CrystalSky Media distributed the film as an SM Cinema exclusive…

The idea of a human being infected by a various becoming a zombie while still alive is light hearted funny. The premise tells the story of Steve who is engaged to be married from his controlling fiancée Tina even at her own personal expense. Along for the ride is his sister Sarah and his best friend Craig accompany them to their Family’s cottage.

At the same time there’s a zombie hunter in the hunt for the undead, who finds out that there’s one remaining infected victim tat they need to take down.


The explosion of the popularity of the zombie genre definitely caught up with independent film makers wanting to share their story about the undead who wants to eat brains. Trevor Martin and Christopher Bond write a tale of “what if” there’s a zombie that literally is alive and aware that he’s having a different kind of hunger.

Kristopher Turner brings Steve to life as the half-dead zombie who tries his best not to let his urge to turn him into the zombie that he thinks he is. At the same time he is trying to please his fiancée who only wants to get married without noticing his changes.


For those who have got used to watching zombie films and the hit television show The Walking Dead would definitely see this as the non-traditional zombie. It gives you a humorous perspective that there is horror comedy films that work with that kind concept and let it played out.

The climactic part is a mixed with confusion and hilarity all rolled into one played out scene that makes you wonder how this will be wrapped up. But through that situation you’ll see how Steve survives the zombie hunters and getting married.

Overall A Little Bit of Zombie is hilarious an entertaining that leaves you wondering if there’s a resolution to his illness and the changes that’s becoming of Steve. The film gets a B+ rating for just being funny for its original idea. Its quite interesting to know that zombie films can be funny and this one certainly delivered that idea.

A Little Bit of Zombie is exclusively seen in SM Cinemas at...

SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, Mall of Asia, SM Manila, SM Bacoor, SM Fairview, SM Marikina, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Southmall, SM Iloilo, Greenhills Promenade, Gateway, Gaisano Davao, Gaisano Tagum, Robinson's Galleria

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  1. i also watch the film. It was simple yet so entertaining. by the way here's my review too