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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jollibee Kids Meal: Batman and Mr. Men & Little Miss!

03.04.2014 – This March Jollibee Kids Meal is featuring Batman the Brave & the Bold for the boys, while the other half is for the girls with Mr. Men and Little Miss. Again Jollibee is offering only four Kids Meal toys in total which was more 8 years ago.

But this line up is not just another licensed brand that is not well known in the western world. You’ve got Batman the Brave and the Bold which is currently being syndicated in Cartoon Network...

This was replaced by the current Beware the Batman series. This would be interesting to see Jollibee offering old brands that are no longer being shown on Cartoon Network similar to the Kids Meal toys from last month. The same goes with Mr. Men and Little Miss which is popular in United Kingdom about a children show voiced by British actors.

The last incarnation of Mr.Men and Little Miss was aired in 1999 and there where no new animation based on the series. The Kids Meal toys by Jollibee is more of a nostalgia factor as presented that includes Batman the Brave and the Bold.

Batman the Brave and the Bold features two Batmobiles but with different gimmicks. In December 2012 it was also the Kids Meal toy that featured a Bat jet and a Batman action figure. The Mr. Men and Little Miss have a hair kit and a watch round up the four Kids Meal collectible toys for this month.

The Batmobiles looks big in the promotional photos but they are actually small. But unlike last month’s Kids Meal toys that suffered plastic quality these are better, though not necessarily what you expect as depicted in the promo photos.

Batman the Brave and the bold features two batmobiles depicted in the promos, one launches a pint size bat cycle, while the other is a pullback action gimmick.

Jollibee Kids Meal toys are sold paired with Yum Burger, Spaghetti, and Chicekjoy meals. For more details about the Kids Meal LIKE Jollibee Philippines on Facebook and visit:

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