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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Superman Flies Using GoPro!

03.18.2014 – Imagine how Superman uses a GoPro camera to capture his view while flying. That’s exactly what the guys behind Corridor Digital when they produced this short film featuring the Man of Steel and a GoPro camera.

Everyone dreams of flying but can imagine how Superman would be this cool strapping a GoPro camera while he takes off?

The imagination and creativity of Corridor Digital takes this to the next level of cool!

This short fan film is not just having an awesome video but certainly not like a work in a park. Behind the scenes the stunning aerial view using a drone copter to capture its authenticity makes this an interesting clip to watch see it below:

You can check out the behind the scenes on how they made the short film using the GoPro and DJ Eye Phanton 2 from They used a quad copter that has GoPro camera attached to it which takes the best shots that was used in the fan film. is actually giving away one and DJ Eye Phanton 2 and all you need to do is go to Corridor Digital’s Facebook page and share the Superman video to win it. If oyu haven’t seen the behind the scenes check out the video below:

Corridor Digital has produced some of the outrageous video shorts on YouTube. For more of their great short films LIKE Corridor Digital on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @CorridorDigital

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