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Sunday, April 20, 2014

All-New Ghost Rider Road Warrior of Vengeance!

04.20.2014 – All-New Ghost Rider gets introduced with the elements of the old school vibe from the classic comic book series by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas and Mike Ploog at the same time takes inspiration from Fast & Furious films.

The latest series is written by Felipe Smith with artwork by Tradd Moore and Val Staples featuring a new character in Robbie Reyes a car mechanic who gets to be the host of this All-New Ghost Rider that possess a muscle car instead of the traditional motorcycle.

If the first issue leaves you with a mystery of the new demon at the same time tell you the story featuring Robby Reyes’ slice of life this one has hellfire breathing in each page. But still doesn’t reveal who is this new demon that posses the young Reyes.

But it reveals who he’s up against and what kind of people lives in Robby’s neighborhood filled with crimes, drugs and lot of violence. If you’re a traditional comic book fan who appreciate comic book art this one takes a little time to indulge. Tradd Moore’s art style is rather different more like its better seen being exhibited in art galleries that features pop art.

It’s not your usual comic art that takes getting used to but it gives this comic book an identity on its own, which breaks the mold for being a well known comic book character getting a fresh look from an art style done by Tradd Moore.

The action is great every page but the narrative doesn’t pick up much steam compared to the first issue. Ghost Rider is still developing its depth trying to have its own identity separated from the stories of Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch. What’s interesting is seeing an old Ghost Rider enemy taking center stage with all the drugs going around.

Robby Reyes and the mystical muscle car are slowly getting some revelation towards the end of the pages. But Felipe Smith is still holding more shocking developments, which leaves you waiting for the next issue.

This issue is very much violent and the grotesque art doesn’t actually disgust you since Tradd Moore’s art is more of a masterpiece that you see in art galleries.

Overall the second issue of the All-New Ghost Rider turns up the heat in art and action, but still leaves you in a mystery what kind of demon is taking advantage of the young Robby Reyes.

The creative team Felipe Smith, Tradd Moore and Van Staples give long time fans to see a new Ghost Rider now the ‘Engines of Vengeance’ that slowing creates its own identity that has no relation to the two previous hosts in Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch. Sometimes you can’t rush a great story as it still just heating up all cylinders of that V8!

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