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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cereal Geek: Animation of the Eighties!

04.19.2014 – Cereal Geek is a European publication by James Eatock a freelance animator, designer, and writer who published the magazine under his Busta Toons Publications featuring the best cartoons from the 1980s.

The magazine has been publication since 2010 which contains 100 pages of interesting anecdotes and articles related to eighties cartoon. The latest is issue 12 which has a cover of Optimus Prime stepping on Lion-O & He-Man while She-Ra appears helpless.

In this featured Cereal Geek which is issue nine with published year 2011 is actually released in late 2013. Based on the editorial notes they where just having delays publishing the magazine for the reason why the date is late. But reveals to be current in release only that dated years throws off to be an old release.

This issue features comparison between Japanese versus American animation, and why not every cartoon looks cool in Japan or in the US as it appears there good and bad parts when it’s translated on both sides of the world.

Cereal Geek has tons of images for you to look over and it’s printed in high quality format never seen in the US. But when you look for high quality there’s cost as this magazine is not cheap, which has enough content for you to read it more than once. Besides featuring cartoons from the eighties this features articles also contributed by fans online that really define this as an eighties pop culture magazine.

If you haven’t seen the pages for Cereal Geek issue 9 released for the year 2011 then check out the image below:

Cereal Geek is published every third quarter of the year. For more about the magazine LIKE Cereal Geek on Facebook and follow on Twitter at @CerealGeek

Visit the site at

The magazine is locally available at Filbar’s and this issue is sold for PhP 850.00 pesos ($ 19.15 USD). For further inquires LIKE Filbar’s Online on Facebook!

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