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Friday, April 11, 2014

Batman at 75: The Strange Days!

04.11.2014 – Batman celebrating 75 days and back then his exploits where unheard of. The character has become an icon though not the first for DC since they got Superman. But the popularity of the cape crusader has never been this better.

You can say DC’s lone superhero isn’t from another planet or was born by the gods, but simply a man who masquerades as a giant bat fighting crime at night…

Bruce Timm who produced the Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s and its spinoffs that followed is back for Strange Days an animated short. He spoke about making the short was a throwback to the earlier stories of the Batman, which is the actual period piece in 1939.

In this short it features Hugo Strange as one of the earlier villains who appeared in the original comic book. Bruce Timm spoke about the challenges in making this animation with Batman gassing them with tear gars while he stalks his enemies in this environment.

When everything is set they went ahead and did it in digital where the animated short is in black and white to set a classic feel to be authentic in bringing this classic to life.

It’s remarkable once you see the animation short now available for you to see it in the final product here:

Batman: Strange Days is an original animated short exclusively from DC Entertainment. For more updates and features subscribe to DC Entertainment on YouTube!

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