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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Marvel NOW: Moon Knight #2 "Sniper!"

04.12.2014 – All-New Moon Knight #2 is out and it didn’t last the comic book shelves.

If the first one was all about Marc Spector and how he handles to solve crimes in this issue it was pretty much intense.

Warren Ellis certainly breathes life to this b-list character taking a page from the team who brought you Marvel’s mega hit films.

There is also that silent action that quickly is defining the character’s new-look and approach to the narrative.

The first 10 pages doesn’t say much but the artsy feel make it more interesting how Declan Shalvey make Warren Ellis’ stories pop out. There are not much details and it just gives you a direct idea what’s actually happening in this issue.

The moment you open the first few pages you see panels of people in their normal lives, but in those pages it slowly decreases and reveals something less of a drama inside a mini-slice of life turned nightmare of deaths and destruction. Then out in the dark Moon Knight flies on a glider and you thought it was just another nightly patrol.

But then it reveals what the title of this issue was and then the silent action begins. Visual after visual Declan Shalvey throws in a panel of action without words. Its clear that Moon Knight, a nocturnal hero separating himself to be this b-list batman wannabe.

Ellis simply gives you what you want to see in a comic book and bam! There’s Moon Knight taking the bad guy to church. Little of no other details than the first 10 pages of ordinary people going about their lives and then one by one they got clip by a “Sniper.” It’s a simple narrative that was told much like previous comic books that implore silent action scenes with substance.

The first comic book who implored this concept dates back to G.I. Joe #19 originally published by Marvel. It was written by Larry Hama who still currently writing about G.I. Joe, which is published by IDW Publishing.

In that issue Snake-Eyes was fighting Storm Shadow in a duel, and the comic was entirely silent and pure of action. In Moon Knight it had more levels of narration, and taking some inspiration from the above mention and mix it up with Warren Ellis’ way of telling you a story you get a fresh perspective on this issue.

Overall you get to see Moon Knight not your perfect nocturnal fighter, but he gets the job done and also leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next. The first issue was more verbal but this one takes the action to a familiar perspective added with a new twist.

There will be more layers there if you have re-read it closely, but the way Declan Shalvey handles the art chores you’ll get the idea what Mr. Ellis is trying to tell in this issue. Impressive work on these two that made Moon Knight fly off the shelf before those who have read about its growing interest wondering if there will be a second print.

You’ve get an A+ for just a good read for action and very intense build-up for the All-New Moon Knight. Wait until you see the third issue how this will go about!

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