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Friday, April 18, 2014

Rodkis Patotski: The Adventurous Young Lady!

04.18.2014 – For a time since Gerry Alanguilan has started promoting Rodkis Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby there was no details on the plot. There were a teaser page and none of the information what it is.

Long time fans would just simply agree and confident enough to accept this because the mast head shows collaboration with Arnold Arre. For a time Arnold has been away from the drawing table having learn to direct a short film into producing his own animation.

It is a big deal when you put Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre on the same page like there’s a cosmic big bang about to explode. Combining these two is like a supernova about to happen. The true fans and followers of their respective works doesn’t need to comment or speak what they think about the story. They just make a gesture to ‘LIKE’ of 'favorite' what they are posting in the social media.

When Gerry announced that a pre-order was set to produce the cost to print the books those who would LITERALLY pay to make this happen does not need to question what they should know because they trust the creators what they have in mind. A few weeks earlier Arnold Arre only posted a video clip of the character that he seamlessly animated.

It’s a big loss that the Ravelos did not approve of the ‘Darna Lives’ concept from both creators. But it also pushed these fine gentlemen to go further in producing their own creation than re-making and re-telling an aging Filipino superhero, which had some traits and abilities of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman.

Sure ‘Darna’ had an established name but like the Sarao Jeepney, who kept on staying too much true to its roots in making vehicles closed up. Because they didn’t developed its potential to become what it should be.

But ‘Rodski’ was entirely an original story inspired by Gerry’s father-in-law who wrote a comic book back when it was the only form of entertainment to everyone. It had the elements of Filipino culture with a science fiction and adventure theme. ‘Rodski’ was not just some pretty girl with all the smarts she literally kicked some ass. You’d be curious right now reading this what the story is all about.

Like the creators suggests you pick a copy and roll with it. Disregard the earlier reviews and have the passion of a reader in you to find that out. The pacing and the narrative are like watching an animated feature film. The only difference is you’re just flipping 100 pages of full color story written by Gerry Alanguilan and drawn by Arnold Arre.

Cynthia Bauzon-Arre had her hand on this book too with that lettering and concept. It speaks out why this book should be in your hands by now rummaging through the pages, while having a good laugh at the expressions of the character’s faces.

Arnold must have spent too much time perfecting in producing his skills in animation, that when he got back into the drawing board the artwork now jumps to you. For long time fans, who has followed his last work in ‘Martial Law Babies’ this one has evolved his work to something people would be inspired to follow suit.

By now ‘Milky Boy’ is making a tour in some parts of the world as participant in some film festival. It’s remarkable how Arnold has improved his craft from the ‘Andong Agimat’ short a few years ago.

For Gerry story telling is now second nature to grinning like a mad lunatic to his ‘Hey Baby’ video clip, which has become a meme or some animated gif that’s being used in the social media. His timing is impeccable and continues to tell great stories aside from being Leinil Yu’s inker in those Marvel comic books.

These men are indeed talented and they have told a fine story that some of us without the gifts of their talent are still in awe.

Everyone would clamor for more of ‘Rodski’ but those who have met, and known these men personally let’s just see what they will do next together aside from ‘wishing’ for a Rodski Patotski animated feature. Even though it may or may not happen in some of the fans dream.

Overall Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby certainly hit high marks for its story driven adventure and the first ever full color comic book for both creators. For those foreign fans who would want a copy you might literally understand some of the ‘Tagalog’ language in this book since it works in the story.

But if ever it gets foreign release definitely this book will get readers excited. If talking chickens became an Eisner nominated book why not an intelligent girl who acts like an immature baby? Rodski already appealed to a greater Filipino medium that looks for quality in art and story certainly it will appeal internationally.

Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby is a full color 100 page graphic novel from Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre with a cover price of PhP 450.00 pesos ($10.15 US), which will be available at local comic book shops in the Philippines.

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