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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Meal US Spotlight: Adventure Time!

04.06.2014 – Adventure Time is a bizarre world that tells the stories of two characters in Finn and Jake. But for those who has been following their quest it’s more than saving the princess from the Ice King or having a good chat with their computer named BMO.

Pendelton Ward created a world that has psychedelic imaginations some grown ups don’t even follow. But for those young and have an open mind catching up the show on Cartoon Network would definitely get a kick out to find a Happy Meal toy released too.

The latest additional merchandise to the die hard Adventure Time fan would scramble for this latest Happy Meal which was released for the North American market early in January 2014. For those who would wonder if this will make it to Asia and Europe keep your fingers crossed, since Mario Bros came has made it to the Philippines. This would likely be possible but the question is when?

Before going into details with the Adventure Time Happy Meal toys these came in a paper bag rather than a traditional red box. In the US you can purchase the toys without dining-in the store and for the reason why some outlets ran out with the major characters in the line. But it’s interesting that instead of the iconic Happy Meal box they came up with an eco-friendly paper bag.

There were six of them released with Finn and Jake having two variations with the Ice King and BMO to round up the set. When this was released in January it was difficult to find the rest and the only pair you could acquire is the bendable figures of Finn & Jake, which is not bad at all.

While everyone is scrambling to collect Mario Bros 3D World in the Philippines, some parts of Asia like Singapore are still getting the TMNT figures that came out last year. In Australia they are just about to get their LEGO Movie cups in time to the release of the film this late. The rest of the world is having different toys, and in the US the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming out just around the corner.

For now the Adventure Time gets a spotlight for what could be the must-have Happy Meal IF it appears in your nearest McDonald’s store. But that remains to be seen but you’re in lick to get a closer look at the bendable figures of Finn and Jake.

The sculpting and design is a spot on as the quality for Happy Meal toys continue to soar, while the competitors continue to wane in terms or quantity too.

There are six figures in the Happy Meal for the Adventure Time, and for of those had sound gimmicks or spring loaded action moves. The ‘Freeze Blast’ Ice King had a spring loaded projectile; ‘Channel Changing’ BMO has a lenticular 3D changing screen, ‘Sword Swinging’ Finn has the slash action move, and ‘Springing to action’ Jake that has a spring built in between his body rounding up to complete a set.

The Bendable Finn & Jake though not as extravagant with the action gimmicks unlike the other have is more closely related to the hit animated series. Both have the same features but it depends how you make use of making them do action poses.

Overall the fun that the bendable Finn & Jake brings is how they are presented in the Cartoon Network show. The details are spot-on and the quality of the figures is almost close to the ones released by Jazwares that makes Adventure Time is a must-have collectible that will definitely be sold out if it makes it to Asia and Europe.

Adventure Time is released as part of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys on January 27 to February 6, 2014 in North America. No details on availability for the Asian and European region but IF it gets released expect this to fly off the display.

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