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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

04.30.2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had high expectations riding this film, and it delivered in a lot of different perceptions when it opened in the Philippines earlier this evening and most of the cinemas in Metro Manila were showing it.

There where special promotions for early birds for Ayala Mall Cinemas, block screenings that have different gimmicks for every show times and lots of people stood in line to get the best seats on the house just to have that kind of experience.

Truly the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was great credit goes to Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Sally Field delivered outstanding performance taking the roles consistently following up a great film from 2012.

The Spider-Man fans certainly had a field day seeing this as the main course with heavy does of action and drama meshed in a lot of scenes that most hardcore comic fans had commented with ‘too much cut scenes.’ But overall for the casual viewer it was just fine as how it was shown. The 30 minute preview from last month did not give so much away, but there are scenes that are memorable.

Paul Giamatti is living a dream of a comic fan taking a role of The Rhino (his favorite character growing up), but there are cliché that don’t add up. They are cartoony which differs to what Marvel Studios has done with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The credit goes for Sony Pictures trying to ‘clone’ that successful formula that Marvel Studios have, but there’s still something missing in there. Perhaps they may and hopefully improved on those flaws on how they build-up the third film.

The pacing is great down the wire to the climactic scenes but most fans that’ve seen it complained about too many cut scenes. It’s basically a mixed perspective again but this time around it’s not as dark as the first one.

There a lot of things happening that most of them are like thrown in curve balls. Some have good pitch and then there others that sends the wrong signals when it comes to the production and direction on how they reinterpret the characters. Perhaps there are things to consider about improving on the costumes and if they are going to bring the Sinister Six to the next film they need to make adjustments on the design.

Overall The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was both crucial and critical from how the story unraveled which sums up mixed signals on how the fans, casual viewers, and hardcore comic book reader would react to how the execution was done.

The chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone kept the film on the right direction. Some felt it was another romantic comedy film that had Spider-Man has something to do with it rather the opposite. But the film had a lot of flaws for those who are keeping track and still entertained most of the ones who just want to catch up with the summer blockbusters not much nitpicking what’s wrong with this film.

It’s a pop corn flick kids won’t bother the drama and all that what makes it less relevant to them. Maybe Marc Webb would try to make things better on the next one and please bring back J. Jonah Jameson. B+

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