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Monday, May 5, 2014

7 Eye Catching Renditions of Vader Boy!

05.05.2014 – Vader Boy is the latest art toy launched by Imagine Nation Studios and Secret Fresh. Inspired of being huge Star Wars fans and celebrating the global day ‘May the Fourth Be with You’ is just the right timing to be one with the force.

The launch is just the second time between Secret Fresh and INS which also brought the popular Trooper Boy last December 2013. Vader Boy certainly was a success with the featured artists sharing their dedication in customizing the Darth Lord of the Sith.

There where so many talented individuals that submitted their version of the ‘Vader Head’ in their signature works. But there are definitely stand outs in the list and here are a few of that eye catching creativity featuring Vader Boy’s head as its canvass:

Vader Boy + Buzztro & Jarvis, the Albino Bat

In keeping with consistency from his recently concluded solo show JP Cuison introduced his version of Vader Boy as a robot piloted by his two famous creations in Buzztro and Jarvis the Albino Bat, which appears to be one of those old royal soldiers from Spain.

Vader Boy + Bullet Punk

Representing one of the members of Hidden Fortress is Quiccs and his signature Bullet Punk concept. Based on his story this was done in four days, while the small version based from a LEGO minifigure flashlight was made overnight.

Bullet Punk had the ‘Hidden 43’ number on the back and the body is based from a Bear Brick that was decapitated, which was replaced by the ‘Vader Head.’ Upon the display it was already reserved to be sold after the exhibit.

Vader Boy + Jagnus Design Studio

For this concept Arnold Austria representing Janus Design Studio mentioned that he used automotive paint for this version of the ‘Vader Head’ with such smooth gloss it appears more of a skulled Sith Lord.

Vader Boy + PunchKick Productions

Inspired by the classic 1970s Japanese Sentai series ‘Himitsu Sentai Gorenger,’ this ‘Vader Head’ was customized into ‘Darth Ranger’ complete with yellow scarf and a designated number on his forehead.

Miko Livelo the director of critically acclaimed indie film Blue Bustamante represents the other half of PunchKick Productions introducing his version of the ‘Vader Head’ that definitely caught some attention during the launch.

Vader Boy + Gori

You talk about literal word of a ‘Darth Board’ and you got a one done by Gori, which made this ‘Vader Head’ into a target for those sharp darts. Vader Boy won’t be without Gori’s interesting concept and this really speaks its mind.

Vader Boy + Nemo

Nemo Aguila certainly knows how to make the Darth Lord into something of a work of art. Popularly known for his ‘Bochog’ monster, Nemo gets all hands-on with making this ‘Vader Head’ into a creature you’ll never going to forget.

Vader Boy + Whoop x ZKas

You can never count Whoop Wonka down doing collaboration with ZKas who both also have the chance to present their own version of the Trooper Boy. For this one it’s a canvass of merging two artists and definitely worked its magic in being one of the favorite ‘Vader Heads’ on exhibit.

Though there are a lot of renditions of the ‘Vader Head’ to represent the launch of Vader Boy these are some stand outs that caught attention. You can still catch and see the exhibit at the Secret Fresh Gallery at the Ronac Art Center during store hours.

Vader Boy is the second collaboration with Imagine Nation Studios and Secret Fresh gallery which run for the next two weeks. For more future events and launches LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

Imagine Nation Studios (INS) one of the leading toy custom companies in the Philippines produced some of the well known urban lifestyle art toys both locally and internationally. For more of their future projects and past releases LIKE Imagine Nation Studios on Facebook!

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