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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't Blink Its The Flash This Fall!

05.15.2014 – Finally! The Arrow ends with something looking forward to the third season. It was not what you’d expect and there were several bumps in the road.

If you blinked you will never going to see it after a long wait The CW has finally teased The Flash coming this fall. The new promotional trailer was seen at the tail end of The Arrow’s last episode for season 2.

Barry Allen’s first appearance in The Arrow was something of a risk if it will work or not. The two-part episode introducing Grant Gustin in The Arrow originally is a backdoor pilot to the spin off. They changed all that and started with an actual pilot being picked up by CW which will premiere this fall.

The promotional teaser clip features Stephen Amell as The Arrow who’s about to make shot at his target. When he released his arrow Grant Gustin’s The Flash zooms like a lightning to intercept it before the target featured below:

This scene if not mistaken was probably inspired from the time both characters were dead. Hal Jordan (now Green Lantern) was The Spectre at the time Oliver Queen was about to be resurrected back in the comic book series.

The new series was written by Kevin Smith for the Quiver story arc now collected as a graphic novel. The scene appears to be similar to the time The Flash running around in some sort of paradise while Oliver Queen was talking to Hal Jordan asking him that he needs to come back to the land of the living. This is scene is sort of inspired by the teaser for the upcoming The Flash.

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Pictures won’t be airing the pilot episode until sometime in October and five months is a long wait. For those living in the US will be anticipating the promotion in the upcoming San Diego Comic Con and expect more soon.

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