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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Meal PH 2014: My Little Pony & Bandai Voov!

05.14.2014 – McDonald’s Philippines latest Happy Meal is not completely recycled, but you’ve seen it last year. They are My Little Pony and Bandai’s vehicle changing Voov! Both came out in separate months when MLP was paired up with Transformers, while Bandai’s Voov first came out along with Hello Kitty.

My Little Pony abbreviated by fans known collectively as MLP expands its set of colorful ponies with four new Happy Meal toys. The same goes with Bandai’s Voov which is still unpopular in the Philippines.

The release of the latest Happy Meal toys immediately replaced SpongeBob SquarePants, which fill up the much sold out Mario 3D World that lasted in less than a week.

My Little Pony is more popular than Bandai’s Voov due being one of the well known 1980s toys for girls. But that changed over the years because there are also male collectors calling themselves Brownies that have been into MLP ever since.

The new set of MLP characters introduces Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Princess Twilight Sparkle, while Pinkie Pie which was also included in last year’s Happy Meal toy is included in this set with a new look and pose.

For Bandai’s Voov a new set of vehicle changers are introduced and they are School Bus / Fire Engine, Wagon / Ambulance, and Snowmobile /Bulldozer. The Police Car / Sports Car were introduced last year colored in blue. For this new set the alternate sports car is now colored red and the police car had a different “police theme.”

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