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Friday, May 23, 2014

FCBD 2014: All You Need Is Kill!

05.23.2014 –”All You Need is Kill” the original Japanese military science fiction light novel was reprinted and given away during Free Comic Book Day. The sampler contains twelve preview pages of the graphic novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

It was originally published in 2004 by Viz Media/Haika Soru. Its now has been adapted as a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, which is re-titled as “Edge of Tomorrow” to be shown next month…

The sampler doesn’t entirely cover the whole story, but gives you a glimpse on the elements it was adapted to be a major motion picture film. The concept and the story is evident how the narrative flows the way tit was explained the recent movie trailers.

There’s a lead character here but its not Major William Cage (Tom Cruise). The main protagonist is Keiji Kiriya, which could have some resemblance to Mr. Cruise’s character. But Major William Cage is entirely a new character made for the film. Its just happens the elements of the graphic novel takes inspiration to the film. The same concept is that they fight an alien invasion but failed and Keiji keeps waking up to the same until he learns to train himself to change the outcome of reality.

The artwork is not that highly impressive, but enough to tell the story and how this highly acclaimed graphic novel came to be. Of course for those dying to find out what really happened. You just have to pick up the compiled graphic novel to see how it went down, but it seems that this one deviates from the upcoming film.

For twelve pages it’s not enough to see how these characters went through, but reveals a few short back stories that made this series interesting.

This was one of the Free Comic Book Day titles, that where immediately given out to those who have kept it in their list prior to the FCBD 2014 event. The cover doesn’t convince much but the description is there that it was the series which inspired “Edge of Tomorrow that’s getting quite an attention.

Overall”All You Need is Kill” is short, sweet, and interesting for those who are looking forward to seeing “Edge of Tomorrow.” The otakus who have been following the development of the graphic novel to a feature film is surely anticipating this since being introduced to readers almost 10 years ago.

In the “Edge of Tomorrow” definitely”All You Need is Kill” gets a B+ or 7 out of 10.

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