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Monday, May 26, 2014

FCBD 2014: KaBoom Summer Blast!

05.26.2014 – Free Comic Book Day 2014 had some interesting titles when they gave them all away on May 3, 2014. There were 57 titles in all that’s really difficult to choose from, but one of the most sought after is KaBoom Studios’ Summer Blast!

This issue compiles EIGHT series that they produce individually on a monthly basis. FIVE of those are animation from Cartoon Network, while there are TWO iconic comic strips and a Heroic Bear with a Kid partner.

This is an interesting issue that KaBoom Studios gave away and they where gone in the morning like lightning. The featured titles in this issue as compiled in order are Mike Kunkel’s Hero Bear and the Kid, Pendelton Ward’s Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe, Ben Bocquelet’s The Amazing World of Gumball which its first comic book debut, Peter Browngardt’s Uncle Grandpa coming out with its own series in November, JG Quintel’s The Regular Show, Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts and Jim Davis’ Garfield.

There were best short comic strips in each series and there are some that stands out, but to give you an idea how cool this issue is here’s what the eight titles was about…

Hero Bear & The Kid

It tells about precious time, a boy withy his bear, and the villain who will pester them in each panel. Hero Bear and The Kid shares it’s deep but simple tale about managing time with a friend and seeing what nefarious deeds Mr. Von Klon have in mind.

Adventure Time

Jake takes Finn to the weirdest place he has not been and things go dizzy as the ground shakes. There are many things to keep an eye out in this parts that reveal a little about Jake’s past and its local inhabitants.

Steven Universe

There’s something about Steven’s variant collection of comic book covers that’s quite not they seem. But the best part of this story is how his friends made him appreciate something that’s not available in comic book shops.

The Amazing World of Gumball

You talk about a fish, cat, and the rest of the weird looking family. When you talk about wearing pants and be part of the pant-wearing community its quite different unless you want to be part of the sneaker-wearing community?

Uncle Grandpa

Coming this November to its own series Uncle Grandpa gives you a glimpse what’s so interesting about this Cartoon Network show. It’s crazy to be diagnosed with a “Cool-a-titis” unless it’s something bad but overall you’ll get the idea.

The Regular Show

What are these two idiots have in mind when they found a D-20 dice? There’s going to be mayhem at the park for Rigby and Moderdecai. Surely these slackers known what to do with it or are they going to call Skips again to save the day?


There are two comic strips about the best loved dog and his yellow feather side kick sharing about writing a good story. While the second strip shares a short story about dealing with having cereals in the morning.


Battles of the cuteness or become known for the world’s fattest cat to be immortalized in the Guinness World of records? Either way Nermal and Garfield are at it again trying to beat each other through wits and outrageous humor.

Best among the Pack

Overall entirely this FCBD 2014 KaBoom Summer Blast was a hit and there were no leftovers. It was one of the best titles given away last May 3rd and the titles stand out in this issue are The Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, and The Regular Show for keeping the consistency when its translated to comic book form.

Catch each of the series in their own monthly books from KaBoom Studios. There are two new titles coming for those who want to start fresh.

They are The Amazing World of Gumball and Uncle Grandpa both will be out soon!

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