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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot Toys Preview: Sam Wilson aka The Falcon!

05.13.2014 – Hot Toys has come a long way to bringing high end collectible action figures and vehicles. From the introduction of The Bat and other vehicles that Hot Toys acquired the license to produce they definitely put realism to each product.

There have been several iterations of characters from DC Entertainment’s The Dark Knight line and Marvel’s successful Avengers franchise.

For every new release they pushed the bar for quality as they released their latest with The Falcon!

If hardcore fans of Captain America: The Winter Soldier where not pleased with Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Infinite Legends that did not include Sam Wilson. Hot Toys have been already planning to produce The Falcon Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. This is a collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles something fans has anticipated to be released.

Making the biggest box office in cinema breaking its own record The Winter Soldier proved to be the superior film since The First Avenger. Sam Wilson aka The Falcon was the favorite character to stand beside The Black Widow, Nick Fury, AND Captain America, that fans was hoping they will have an action figure based on the hero.

Hasbro only produced one Falcon figure and it’s not exactly the version everyone wanted. But with Hot Toys they definitely knocked this out of the park now that the cat is out of the bag The Falcon is finally here.

The Falcon comes with accessories and the preview images shows multiple replaceable hands, removable goggles, two submachine guns, and a stand that supports his wings fully opened or closed. Based on Anthony Mackie’s likeness surely the actor himself would be excited to have his own Sam Wilson/The Falcon collectible figure.

Based on the images reveal The Falcon’s wings are retractable with light up LED just like in the film, and the guns slides on his wrists for some smart gun action. You can re-enact the scenes where he was being chased down which this figure a definitely must have.

The Falcon aka Sam Wilson is now available at:

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