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Monday, May 12, 2014

Marvel Legends: Fantomex!

05.12.2014 – Fantomex for anyone who doesn’t read X-Men relate comic books and a collection of graphic novels is a relatively unknown character. He first appeared in New X-Men #128 (2002) created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey.

The character’s influence is from the Italian comic book Diabolik, whose film adaptation was released as Danger: Diabolik, Diabolik's lover being named Eva. The name Eva was inspired and was named after his ship E.V.A.

The character of Diabolik is loosely based on the character Fantômas, the subject of a series of early-20th century French detective thrillers and a popular Mexican comic book adaptation, whose name is more directly reflected in Fantomex's own name. His origin revealed that he was created by Weapon Plus Program the same organization, that has ties with Wolverine. Fantomex known as Charlie Cluster 7, and also goes by the name Jean-Phillipe designated as “Weapon XIII.”

Fantomex was to serve as a super-sentinel against Earth's mutant population for the Weapon Plus, who created a population of technorganic organisms whose living tissue was fused with Sentinel nanotechnology at the cellular level. Basically his mother, a member of this race, became pregnant when she was fertilized with nanomachines, resulting to his birth. Fantomex also possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes and reactions, coordination, balance, and endurance.

He is also capable of registering frequencies beyond the hearing range of normal humans and once mentions a healing factor. Fantomex sound like a powerful character. Fantomex secretly joined a new iteration of X-Force, which has Wolverine, Psylocke, Archangel and Deadpool as members of a black ops team.

From Comics to Action Figure

Fantomex is part of the Arnim Zola Build-A-Figure Series its one of the two versions, that Hasbro released (the other is for the Marvel Universe 3.75” scale). This version for the Marvel Legends is the only known Fantomex figure that was part of the line.

The figure includes two of his signature pistols, removable soft plastic trench coat, Arnim Zola’s right arm, and instruction manual that has back stories of Arnim Zola. Just like ‘Heroic Age’ Captain America the figure includes a piece of Arnim Zola to put him together as part of the Marvel Legends return when it was released in 2012.

Fantomex now a Marvel Legend

Though Fantomex is popular with X-Men fans would consider one of Marvel’s legendary characters to debut in the early 2000s, but for those who is unsure who he is would be difficult to get used to getting if they only plan to build Arnim Zola.

Fantomex is in his costume based from his first appearance in New X-Men #128 carrying two pistols that can be stored in their holsters under his white trench coat. The only thing that some might be concerned about this figure is his hands already in its trigger finger, but it doesn’t appear like he’s aiming straight. Its also the difficulty to hold the pistols which immediately falls off as his hands are snuggly molded to them

Overall Fantomex is an interesting character created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey quickly becoming a fan favorite in the comic books. But the action figure for someone who never reads the comic books won’t even have any idea what Fantomex has contributed to the mutant community.

The figure is now on clearance being sold at PhP 700.00 pesos ($15.75 US) along with 'Heroic Age' Captain America, Drax and Madame Hydra (with a variant ‘Red Skull’ in Armin Zola’s torso), while the rest to complete an Armin Zola BAF is available at specialty stores still in its original retail price.

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