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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Regular Show: "Episodic Figures" Rigby!

05.01.2014 – The Regular Show is one of the hit animation from Cartoon Network, which mainly target audience is teens and adults. It’s surprising that the show gets aired in the Asian region but with minor cuts due to the material not for younger viewers.

There are action figures and merchandise tied-up with Regular Show, but they haven’t reached retail stores. It’s rarely you will come across any of the action figures by Jazwares and here’s a closer look at the other half of the team in Rigby…

Rigby is a 23 years old raccoon but if you’ve seen the first few seasons of the Regular Show he was first introduced as the annoying prick to Mordecai’s most matured persona. Jazwares had released several variations of both characters while the supporting cast has only had a handful version.

The “Episodic Figures” features Mordecai and Rigby with accessories from the previous episodes. Mordecai had a guitar from the end of season one and a Fanny Pack that was first seen in one episode in the second season.

Jazwares the company that brought you The Adventure Time toys have very much limited choices on the characters since Regular Show is not for younger audiences, and that’s why teens and adults who grew up watching Cartoon Network is pleading for an ‘Adult Swim’ channel in Asia.

Episodic Packaging

For Rigby just like Mordecai has accessories basically his guitar which also appeared in the last episode of season one and his oversize cap from an episode in season 2. The carded figures from The Regular Show have enough space for more accessories and this was previously discussed taking a look Mordecai action figure.

The bubble is too big to be unnecessary but when you look at how Jazwares did the package design for the Regular Show it’s almost similar to the one with Adventure Time. The card art is generic having Mordecai in the background while Rigby’s small image is on the bubble that pops out that this is The Regular Show merchandise.

A Closer Look at Rigby

The Episodic Figure version of Rigby appears to be oversize when you compare it side by side with Mordecai. His appearance not at close as his cartoon counterpart and just like his best pal Rigby comes with a translucent stand.

What makes Rigby difficult to stand is because of his heavy articulated tail. Having thin legs and arms he doesn’t look like a Raccoon if you look closely. Rigby’s brown colored feature doesn’t translate much to the action figure unlike Mordecai.

Rigby’s articulation has more joints than Mordecai having a fixed leg made out of soft plastic. The facial expression doesn’t translate well in this figure as everyone knows this mischievous raccoon had to appear outrageous.

Not-So Regular Rigby

From a raccoon that’s more annoying than the one with a machine gun you’d rather choose Rigby as your best pal. The figure is not as what you expect versus Mordecai, which is a complete opposite of the animation counterpart.

It’s rare to find both figures now that there’s an interest in these characters seen on Cartoon Network even though some episodes had minor cuts. But you’ll get to still understand each episode as well has how Rigby’s action figure looked.

Overall Jazwares could have improved more on the sculpting on this figure and the plastic material used appears to be a bit cheap for a licenses product. But what saves it for being a not-so good figure is the rarity and popularity of the character. Besides that it’s Rigby that you need to hang out with Mordecai on a not-so regular day.

“Episodic Figures” Rigby was acquired at Filbar’s in the Philippines with a retail of PhP 549.00 pesos. For inquires of availability LIKE Filbar’s Online on Facebook!

Regular Show airs Mondays at 5:00 PM on Cartoon Network Asia!

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  1. Cool review they look like awesome figures I think they are a massive quality improvement since the 2012 releases. They look awesome next to the 'Adventure Time' 3inch figures. Now all we need is some 'Amazing World of Gumball' figures to complete a Cartoon Network collection.