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Friday, June 6, 2014

Enough Said! Funko Pop Sharknado!

06.06.2014 – If you’re a fan of B-movies or just happens come across something while surfing the net. There’s a chance that you’ve seen or heard the movie Sharknado.

It’s actually two words Shark + Tornado a marriage that became a cult favorite.

Some would say it’s just some random made for television film, but overall it spawned some interest to those who are into the not-so mainstream kind of things.

For those who are in the dark about how popular Sharknado has become you might have heard it had merchandise.

For something absurd you guess that right. Sharknado had a merchandise aside from the shirts Funko the company who produced their own brand of vinyl toys has acquired the license to produce its very first Sharknado under the ‘POP! Television’ that was announced almost two months ago.

If you’ve seen the movie chances are this might be an interesting piece of souvenir and of course there will be others who would jump on and get this interesting Funko Pop.

The details and the concept behind the Sharknado film comes in this 3 ¾ vinyl figure that has a super deformed shark appearing to be floating with the tornado wrapping around its body. Interesting sculpt for something based from a B-movie that’s about to have a sequel this year.

Now if you’re thinking this would be available outside United States it might come to a shock that some parts of Asia might have it, but other countries might not have that opportunity for you to see it in toy shelves as its has an ‘international restriction’ if you’re local comic shop has access to Diamond Distributors or has a direct line to the Asia Pacific representatives of Funko.

The Funko POP! Television released Sharknado vinyl toy retails in the US for $12.50 Dollars. The only way you can acquire one is if you have contacts in the US or any particular country that has this. Based on some reports they only released a small quantity so this might be on a limited release.

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