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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bakemono High's Chuck Art Toy Reveal!

08.03.2014 – A few days earlier Elbert Or the creator of the popular Philippine children’s comic book Bakemono High has finally unveiled the first character among the upcoming line of art toys, which he collaborated with Imagine Nation Studios.

The first character prototype reveals is none other than Chuck the werewolf from the series, which first seen published in the Philippine edition of K-Zone magazine. Chuck takes inspiration to many of Elbert Or’s influence growing as the talented artist

Some of the intricate details about Chuck can be traced to Elbert Or’s favorite comic strip by Charles M. Schulz creator of the popular Peanuts series. It’s evident that Chuck wears a zigzag shirt similar to Snoopy’s owner and friend Charlie Brown.

Chuck stands in a giant sandwich as the character likes to eat a lot, and as Elbert Or explains about the prototype is that originally it was supposed to be released without the stand. But there was a design flaw that makes Chuck fall down on his huge head. Elbert makes minor changes to the overall design and adds a giant sandwich as its base.

Elbert Or reveals some few details of the figure during Indieket 2014, that there was already a colored version. It’s not yet final when he will reveal the final product, but he claims its close as he reveals that there will be two versions will be released.

For now this prototype of Chuck standing on a sandwich will be its first full reveals that he shared. The first release won’t be in the Philippines, but will be at this year’s Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC) This September.

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