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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HW Race 165 of 250: Let's GO! Minifigure Ride!

08.13.2014 – There have been interesting Hot Wheels vehicles that has been released for the 2014 series. Most of them either exotic sports cars and licensed vehicles that belongs to a popular property like Batman, The Simpsons or even Star Trek.

Hot Wheels has been consistent with different kind of sub lines annually coming up with 250 cars not including their second colored variation. Some have been interesting in design concepts that outside the brand they can be useful as vehicles for another property.

Hot Wheels introduces Let’s GO a diecast kart that was introduced for the 2014 series under the HW Race sub line, which appears to be another common car at first that is unnoticed to the mainstream collector who are after licensed cars. But when you look closely this kart is missing a driver and in the product art its leading you to think of a LEGO® minifigure is taking a ride.

It’s actually intended for a minifigure of selected brands of construction toys not only LEGO®. But you get the idea that Hot Wheels intended to produce this hence the name is a play on words for “Let’s GO” obviously to be known for a LEGO® minifigure.

But this is not the first time Hot Wheels has produced a diecast car made for minifigures to take a ride with. In 2013 Hot Wheels introduced the Fig Rig which is just some futuristic pick-up truck currently having three colored variations already about to have a fourth version in white for the 2014. Unlike the Let’s GO kart the Fig Rig pick-up truck is not obviously direct that it was made for a minifigure.

Taking a closer look at the Let’s GO kart it appears more of a ride from a rollercoaster with the huge handle bar instead of a steering wheel built in the vehicle. The details show the body is entirely made of plastic while the chassis is in die cast metal painted in blue.

There have been a few distinct elements in the Let’s Go that is appealing like the engine in smoke grey, while the front and rear spoilers have some sort of handle bars for some minfigures to hold on to like performing a stunt as depicted in the very small image at the back of its packaging. But in the US release there will be further details that the Let’s Go was built in 2013 (for the 2014 release) in El Segundo, CA USA by Hot Wheels designers.

If you put a minifigure in a driver seat it does not entirely sit as the peg is very far from the handle bars. A minifigure would hover a few millimeters from the peg when both hands are attached to the handle bars and it doesn’t really make the figure secured.

The only minifigures that can’t fit with the Let’s Go kart are the ones with long legs like Luigi from K’Nex or LEGO® Woody from the Toy Story sets. This appeals more to the Mega Bloks minifigure blind pack as they also have a line of Hot Wheels sets based on the some of the cars. The artwork in the packaging of the Let’s GO can suggest that the minifigure is from Mega Bloks.

Overall the Let’s Go kart increase its play value that it’s not only made as diecast car by Hot Wheels it’s also intended to be a minifigure ride, which is preferable for the Mega Bloks blind pack and long legged minifigures won’t fit in to try drive it. Currently released for the 2014 line under the HW Race “Track Aces” sub line sold at PhP 99.75 pesos ($2.26 US) manufactured by Mattel.

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