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Thursday, August 14, 2014

PREVIEWS Exclusive: Show Off Your Geeky Side!

08.14.2014 – Sometime the best way to express your geek side is just wear a good shirt that you appreciate being a fan of not just wearing it to look cool. There have been a lot of that being sold out there but some designs are not what you expected.

However PREVIEWS is now offering their exclusive apparel through your local comic shop. All you need is inquire at your local retailer for the PREVIEWS magazine where to find these shirts and other apparel.

Fans of comic book characters and pop-culture icons can show off their enthusiasm for their favorite individuals from comics, TV shows, and movies with exclusive apparel featured in the August issue of PREVIEWS. The t-shirts and cap are available for pre-order in comic shops from PREVIEWS, and are scheduled to release in October 2014.

Fans of Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Star Wars, Captain America and Godzilla will be able to show off their “geekiness” with the unique apparel only available to purchase at comic book specialty shops, as the items won’t be found at mass market retailers. The t-shirts feature fan-favorite comic and pop-culture characters in cool designs, colors and symbols, making the t-shirts fun to wear.

The five shirts and Deadpool cap are featured in the August issue of PREVIEWS on pages 452 & 453 and can be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop. To pre-order, provide the ITEM CODE to your local comic shop.

Items Available to Pre-order:

• Guardians of the Galaxy: Bro Bandit Yello T-Shirt (Item Code: AUG142010, $18.99, Page 452)

• Deadpool Monounder Cap (Item Code: AUG142012, $27.99, Page 452)

• Star Wars: The Darth T-Shirt (Item Code: AUG142016, $16.99, Page 452)

• Captain America Pixel T-Shirt (Item Code: AUG142021, $16.99, Page 453)

• Space Godzilla T-Shirt (Item Code: AUG142031, $18.99, Page 453)

To ensure you get your own exclusive apparel, pre-order it at your local comic book specialty shop. Find a local comic shop at

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