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Saturday, November 22, 2014

BTS: Arnold Arre's The Mythology Class!

11.22.2014 - It’s been a long time since Arnold Arre released a new graphic novel, but for each release it was appreciated by many. His recent work was collaboration with Gerry Alanguilan in Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby.

This brought a positive response to the Philippine komiks community to revive some of his early works that made him a household name. In the recent Indieket he re-released his short story “Trip to Tagaytay” and in Komikon the much awaited “Mythology Class.”

It’s been years since the last copy of “Mythology Class” was seen in local bookstores or comic book shops. Nautilus Comics announced that they will be re-issuing “Mythology Class” with new covers. There was a renewed interest that also brought in new readers who have not seen Arnold Arre’s work.

There were three different covers for the 2000 National Book Awards, which redefined the Philippine graphic novel. There was the Comic Book Shop exclusive cover, the convention only exclusive, and the one that you’ll see in local book shops. And then there’s this pin up cover exclusively online done by Arnold Arre himself which you’ll only see in his Facebook below:

This special pin up features a scene from the second chapter of the book in which two of the characters where being chased by a Tikbalang in the highway. Arre redefines this scene through digital art, which for those who hasn’t pick up the book should definitely get to read Mythology Class.

“The Mythology Class” with a cover price at: PhP 500.00 pesos published by Nautilus Comics. For more inquiries about the book LIKE Nautilus Comics on Facebook!

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