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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shopkins Season 1: 5-Pack Glitter Collection!

12.23.2014 – Shopkins is the latest craze that not only little girls are into collecting event parents and mostly female collectors who track down trying to complete the series. Currently these little collectibles are on its ‘Season 2’ in some parts of Asia.

In the Philippines the Shopkins craze started growing early this year, but in Australia it’s slowly getting quite a bit of attention too. The Season 1 has a range of 148 grocery-themed characters that you need to collect its like Pokemon for girls…

Moose Toys produced Shopkins targeting girls, but the interest goes beyond that. Even adults particularly parents started getting interested majority influenced by their children who collects them. The first line features playsets that include exclusive Shopkins too, but the interest in collecting them start with the mystery baskets that are sold which have two characters in a blind bag.

The same goes with the five and 12 packs having one mystery character that you won’t see in the blister packaging its stored in a yellow bag that you won’t notice. It’s like the trading cards you collect back in the day only this time it’s made out of grocery-themed characters with cute facial expressions.

There are common, uncommon, rare, and even super rare which is quite interesting how Moose Toys definitely built an interest around Shopkins. In the Philippines Season 2 arrived late last month and it only lasted in display shelves for three days. The Shopkins phenomena have reached its interest before 2014 ends and in Australia it’s just starting.

The Five Packs

If you can’t find the Mystery Basket that contains two Shopkins packaged in a blind bag the most common pack that you can acquire is the five-pack that only shows four Shopkins characters and the a fifth one on a yellow blind bag underneath that you won’t see. Each Shopkins that you purchase comes with a ‘Grocery List’ basically the product catalog where you can track down the ones you’re missing from the list.

Its challenging that you need to collect all 148 and so far based on YouTube vlog reviews who have started collecting these haven’t claimed they have all of the characters from Season 1. But going to the five-pack the colourful characters also come with their individual shopping bag made of soft plastic and while the characters are made of hard rubber with round pegs underneath.

Collect, Trade, & Sell

Just like any hobby concerning collecting to complete a set Shopkins had built an interest where you can interact with other collectors who may have doubles for you to trade or sell to like in the old days which is rare now as a hobby.

Basically not everyone would get them all if not complete them through a community of Shopkins collectors who have the same interest. The interest in completing 148 is a challenge that is rarely seen in other properties and Moose Toys definitely found something not only little girls but also adult who would be interested in this.

Season 2 and Beyond

Currently Season 2 has been out in selected parts of Asia and in North America where for this one you only need to collect 140 Shopkins. But they added playsets too where some includes exclusives Shopkins not available in Mystery Baskets, 5 and 12 packs.

Expect Moose Toys to expand the series for more interest in collecting grocery-themed packs and playsets. It’s rarely noticed by other toy collecting communities dominated for the boys, but there are also male adults who are getting into Shopkins too you just won’t notice it.

Shopkins Season 1 5-Packs are available at Big W, Walmart, and Target stores in Adelaide Australia manufactured by Moose Toys. In the Philippines it’s locally distributed by Richwell Prime and this was acquired at Big W for $7.00 AU Dollars.

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