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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Imagine Nation Studios: Mini Trooper Boy!

12.24.2014 – If you’re into Star Wars chances are you’re excited and very much anticipating The Force Awakens, which has been much talked about during the last quarter of 2014. There’s so buzz that the Storm Troopers have been in the spotlight.

The iconic foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire have been known in popular culture that they have been translated into several parodies. But in the art toy scene they are more popular being re-introduced in different forms and one of them is the Mini Trooper Boy!

If you’ve heard Imagine Nation Studios chances are you’ve seen them produced the first ever figure for a Filipino-made independent film in Blue Bustamante or have been able to acquire Elbert Or’s first ever figure based on Bakemono High’s resident wolf named Chuck in the recently successful Komikon 2014.

They are but a few projects INS has collaborated in bringing them in art toy form. They have their own releases like the popular Trooper Boy in December 2013 and the recent Vader Boy on May 4, 2014 to celebrate May the Fourth Be With you at Secret Fresh.

Star Wars is going to be popular in 2015 and INS has released the Mini Trooper Boy, the scaled down Art Toy that was a hit at Flabslab in Singapore and an eye catcher during the recent Singapore Toy, Games, and Comic Convention. During STGCC 2014 INS sold out fifty of the Mini Trooper Boy figures and there will be more for those who can’t get enough of the Storm Troopers.

Taking a closer look at the scaled down Galactic Empire’s foot soldier this hipster wannabe is certainly unique in this appearance clutching his blaster with his oversize trooper helmet looks like he’s ready to chill with the other baddies of Coruscant. Its packaged with a sticker in his image and a logo of INS looks spiffy that would definitely an interesting addition to a Star Wars collection.

The Mini Trooper Boy is entirely made of resin as fragile as his helmet the intricate details and designs by the INIS team is something to take notice.

Overall a Star Wars Art Toy worthy of the Dark Lord of the Sith in Darth Vader in recruiting such fine hip trooping in your toy shelves or office table wherever they may be invading nearby.

Mini Trooper Boy is an exclusive release by Imagine Nation Design Studios (INIS) it’s sold at PhP 1,000.00 pesos. For more LIKE Imagine Nation Design Studios on Facebook and follow on Instagram at: @ImagineNationStudios

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