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Thursday, February 26, 2015

S.H.I.E.L.D. #3: Home Invasion!

02.26.2015 - The first issue was interesting and fun seeing three characters from the hit TV series to appear in comic book form. The second issue almost topped the first one with Ms. Marvel collaborating with the team.

Now you got Spider-Man which catches your attention because he’s now Marvelous recently with Sony Pictures and Marvel teaming up to bring him to the cinematic universe. Of course in comic book form he’s been teaming up with other characters from the 616-Universe and mostly his contemporaries in the recently concluded Spider-Verse event. There’s so much interest now on the webcrawler that he’s finally coming home.

Well for this issue it’s not your basic homecoming as Spidey and Agent Coulson makes a house call to one Dr. Stephen Strange residence. Of course for those who remembered Captain America’s team who were on the run during Civil War event has made this place their own base of operations.

For Spidey it’s not your usual place to stay and Agent Coulson is way over his head not that the whole team was around to dealing these kinds of missions.

If it’s related to the mystic arts and the supernatural that’s way ballsy to handle this mission, which they mostly deal the alien stuff and the usual norm. The third issue art chore is now being handles by Alan Davis, and for those old-school fans Mr. Davis is quite memorable with some of his previous works like Excalibur. Over time his finishes are as impressive as ever.

Mark Waid story in this issue pits Spidey, Coulson and Mr. Pavel R. Rasputin in dealing with the mission. At first you’ll probably think Coulson would enlist the appropriate superhero for this job like Ghost Rider, but then again since Spidey used to reside as one of Dr. Strange’s borders he’s the right spider—err man for the job.

Though the story is a one shot there has been a lot of stuff happening in every panel. Just like the first two issues this one stays independent if you missed the previous ones. There are no stories arcs leave that to the live action series that’s coming back on March 3rd. For now this readable material is a great way to reacquainted with the TV series after being gone since the holiday season, which gave way to Agent Carter.

There’s not much to see in this issue unless you’re paying attention checking out what’s happening in each panel as the story picks up its pace and lead you to the main battles. The overall visual was great and the dialogue wasn’t to shabby, but what the last few pages with Coulson gives one you more questions than answers and you have to read to find out what it is.

Fitz and H.E.N.R.Y. by Joe Quesada might not be that much interesting to some but for those casual readers who follow the TV series would enjoy the strip. For now in this issue there’s nothing much see other than getting H.E.N.R.Y. pouncing on Fitz.

RATED: 3.5 Out 5 Stars

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