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Monday, March 16, 2015

"Home" of Collectibles, Meal Toys & Merchandise!

03.16.2015 – “Home” the latest 3D animated feature from DreamWorks is about to be shown this month and before it begins its theatrical release there was already considerable promotion that includes collectible merchandise, meal toys, and figurines.

This has become a staple in other 3D animations produced by DreamWorks and its rival Disney which also includes other properties based from other forms of media. But considering “Home” is one of those rare originals that get a lot of campaigns.

The story of “Home” is actually adapted from children’s book written by Adam Rex in 2007 titled “The True Meaning of Smekday” which featured a talented voice cast that includes Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin, Matt L. Jones, and Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parson as the outcast alien named Oh.

In the Philippines exclusive “Home” merchandise, collectibles, and toys begin showing up in cinemas, McDonald’s as it official Happy Meal toy for the month, and action figures which also includes plush toys in Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ US, Toytown and other stores nationwide.

“Home” collectibles like the ones sold exclusively in SM Cinema’s food concierge are similar to the ones that produced movie tie-ins for popular 3D animation films like Minions, Smurfs, and popular movie tie-ins like Iron Man 3 or Thor: The Dark World. Mostly these collectible items are either popcorn buckets or covers of drink container featuring an accompanied non-articulated figurine.

These days it’s rarely movie tie-ins have been featured as McDonald’s Happy Meal toy for the month. It has either a popular 3D animated feature or a comic book based film, but for an unfamiliar movie like “Home” it’s something rare, which features limited characters and for this one it has one having eight figures based on Oh. This explains the different moods of the character in eight different variations of the outcast alien.

Finally the main merchandise that featured different variations of Oh in mini figurines, plush toys, and action figures completes most that covers the upcoming film in “Home.” There’s enough Oh in this line up of toys, which also includes Captain Smek, Gratuity "Tip" Tucci and a cat named “Pig” which mostly the first one to disappear once in toy shelves if immediate popularity of this film soars.

“Home” will heading to Philippine cinemas in 3D on March 28, 2015 from DreamWorks Animation Studios and 20th Century Fox nationwide to be distributed locally in the country by Warner Bros. Picture Studios.

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