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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thunderbirds Are Definitely Go!

03.14.2015 – The Thunderbirds gets introduced as a new series no longer marionettes which originated the 1960s series, but CG animation produced by ITV Studios & Pukeko Pictures, with effects by Weta Workshop.

This reintroduces the Tracy brothers (Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon, & Alan), Brains, Lady Penelope and Parker, Grandma Tracy, The Hood & Tintin (renamed Kayo) and a new addition to the series a female character named Colonel Casey.

In the original series there was a character named Colonel Tim Casey but there’s no explanation if this is the same Casey. ITV Studios has officially released the teaser trailer to the upcoming remake. This time around it features modernized interpretation of the island where the Thunderbirds operation, which also includes the vehicles.

But the most fan reaction was towards Lady Penelope (voiced by Rosamund Pike), which in the original as well as the live action 2004 film (11th Generation Ford Thunderbird) known her with the signature fashion in pink. But she is most recognized to be the owner of the FAB1 a special modified six-wheeled Rolls-Royce. Due to the changes to appeal for the modern times Lady Penelope has ditched her pink signature fashion wear for more professional attire and still kept the FAB1 in pink.

There are more details about the upcoming CG animated series with this teaser trailer featuring all the characters and its impressive vehicles below:

“Thunderbirds Are Go” is an upcoming TV series set to air on April 12, 2015 in Australia and on April 15, 2015 in the UK. There’s no announcement if the series will be distributed in other countries but you’ll never know.

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