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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whovians Invade Great British Festival!

03.01.2015 – The Great British Festival this year was an instant hit catering to fans and visitors at the Bonifacio High Street. The entire commercial district was all out British from food, cars, art and culture that defined the three-day event a monumental success.

If the preview of the event a few days prior to the big day was not enough to excite you the installation of famous landmarks, which includes popular television shows such as Games of Thrones and Doctor Who certainly brought more than just an attraction.

The last day has got more visitors to the event, but the Game of Thrones with its massive popularity definitely won most fans standing in line just to have a photo opportunity at the iconic iron throne. Some even brought in their own live props like most pet owners who regularly visit BHS had a field day specially the ones who owns dog breeds of Huskies and the huge Malamutes which prominently appears on the show.

But don’t count out Doctor Who as the TARDIS disguised as an old blue colored police call box was never deserted as local Whovians (term for Doctor Who fans) from Whovian Philippines the ever growing community of dedicated and passionate followers of the popular Time Lord from Gallifrey was always there to promote the fandom.

They mostly occupied the area where the police call box is located, and stayed through the rest of the afternoon having some photo opportunity with visitors until the last hours of the Great British Festival. Some had their first time meet up with new Whovians, and those who they rarely see nowadays while the show is on a seasonal break.

Some dressed as their favorite Doctor from the previous series and in their police call box shirt. The British Embassy Manila certainly gave the Whovians something to celebrate this weekend even though the TARDIS is not entirely accurate like the one shown in the series. But the fans gave the stamp of appreciation for making this year an exciting place to meet their fellow Doctor Who fans.

The Great British Festival was held from February 27 to March 1, 2015 at the Bonifacio High Street in BGC Taguig organized by the British Embassy Manila. For more future events LIKE British Embassy Manila on Facebook!

For those who got introduced to Doctor Who and looking forward to interact with the community you can JOIN the Whovian Philippines at their Facebook Group!

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