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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Toy Photography TEN Best Picks: March 2015!

04.01.2015 – Toy Photography’s TEN Best Picks for March 2015 and those who posted their submissions in the monthly folder in the group would definitely get a spotlight for their own style and impressive imagination.

This is how they depict action figures and toy-related in a ‘One Picture Narrative’ that tells a story presented in a single image.

The chose ten add their dynamic on how the characters represented visually immersed in a real environment.

There are some skilled in digital manipulations that look so real or try the natural approach. For this month of March 2015 the TEN Best Picks the selection process was very limited, but you’ll see who are paying attention and definitely want their worked to be featured. To those who did well keep shooting at your own perspective and never loose the artistic side why you’ve been part of Toy Photography.

If you haven’t seen it here are the TEN BEST PICKS no in any order for March 2015:

Photo By Mark Gatus

Photo by Gladwin Tan

Photo by Marko Villaluiz

Clear Sardoncillo

Photo by Ahydi Hasyim

Photo by Paul Carter

Photo by Ashraful Arefin

Photo by Vincent Mamburam

Photo by Júlia Vázquez

Photo by Isaac Renteria

Toy Photography in the Philippines has a local community and can you join the group on Facebook as well as LIKE the Fan Page or follow them on Twitter at: @ToyPhotography

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