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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Toy Photography TEN Best Picks: April 2015!

05.06.2015 – Last month’s TEN Best Picks featured are photos taken with a theme of summer since its great to shoot outside and also enjoy the comfy indoors. The theme is specifically the season which everyone is looking forward to and summer is here.

These images where submitted last month and we got TEN Best Picks that you might not have seen posted or in your feeds. They are randomly selected from the pool of images posted in the monthly folder of the group and give you more about this here…

Toy Photography is not all about serious gritty ‘One Picture Narrative’ it has to express the ‘fun’ side seen in these toys used in the subject. There have been good submissions last month and it was down to how the summer theme comes into play which you’ll see in the selected photos.

Here are the TEN Best Picks for the month of April 2015:

Photo by Scher Padilla

Photo by Gary Garnada

Photo by Rick Ben

Photo by Lloyd Hondo

Photo by Sydney Ignacio

Photo by Kay Stevenson

Photo by Natalie Dolly Garcia

Photo by Lucky ForLife

Photo by Gacktt Alzula

Photo by Tania Raharja

Toy Photography in the Philippines has a local community and can you join the group on Facebook as well as LIKE the Fan Page or follow them on Twitter at: @ToyPhotography

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