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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Movie Review: Tomorrowland!

05.24.2015 – “Tomorrowland” appears promising that dazzled you with its teasers and trailers. There’s something interesting about Walt Disney’s theme parks that’s becoming a trend in making them into movies.

You’ve got Pirates of the Caribbean that’s headed for a fifth film, and there is another Disney property that’s not related to a theme park that might get sequel due to his box office success.

But for Tomorrowland it’s quite daunting how this will work. The premise for “Tomorrowland” when it was presented wasn’t that impressive, but visually eye catching. It tells about a girl who found a pin that whenever she touches it takes her into this special place. George Clooney’s narration in the trailers doesn’t give much info rather it shows you some teaser and basically it.

Several trailers have been revealed but still don’t give you something to root for. But then again when the Japanese trailer came out a few weeks to its release date it showed more than it has reveal some of the plot elements.

The Girl with a Dream

Brittany Robertson’s character is the central figure of the story and the way she portrayed Casey Newton finding her a mixed of confusion. Of course who would put you in a position where you don’t know what is actually happening when you touch a mysterious pin that takes you to this so called ‘special place.’

Before Britt had that dream another had to endure the same experience in a different kind of perspective and that’s where George Clooney’s Frank Walker is there to guide her from that journey while fending off robots that looks like humans.

Ambitious Visuals

There was not much chasing until the 3rd act of the film and getting to point A to point B was not as thrilling as you expect in the trailers. The concept of Tomorrowland was a little bit complicated. It had to deal with a lot of things that some didn’t make any sense for the reason why it had an uneven story.

You’ve got the right element in this film, and it was definitely ambitious trying to be unique. But at the end of it the narrative has failed though it still is a family-friendly film for everyone to see with all the spectacle kids will surely enjoy.

“Tomorrowland” is NOW SHOWING in Philippine cinemas from Walt Disney Studios distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines.


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