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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Meal Asia 2014: SpongeBob's Underwater Adventures!

04.15.2014 – Happy Meal in the Philippines quickly updated the latest toys to be released after Super Mario 3D World went sold out in less than seven days. It wasn’t released in other territories aside from Japan and some parts of South America in 2013.

Immediately McDonald’s Philippines had a back up plan and they have now SpongeBob SquarePants Underwater Adventures. But this is not the first time SpongeBob was featured for the Happy Meal. This was previously released last year in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Qatar and Pakistan.

The Asian countries to release these are Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand followed up and released these early last month. The Philippines released it on April 14, 2014 since Super Mario 3D World sold out not due to popularity, but also the size and quality that caught a lot of attention.

For SpongeBob SquarePants Underwater Adventures you get to collect all eight and in other countries they have previous included toys previously released.

The Underwater Adventures consists of eight toys they are Ocean Quest, Anchor Discovery, Treasure Cave, Explorer Claw, Explorer Periscope, Plush, Patrick Surprise, and Treasure Keeper. This time only SpongeBob and Patrick are the main characters featured in this set.

Among the eight the Plush would definitely get sold out as some outlets has started to pick up their Happy Meal and slowly the new ‘Wild West’ theme boxes are starting to appear in some areas aside from the McDonald’s stores up north.

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