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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hamill Crossing Fingers for A Killing Joke!

07.28.2015 – The Joker has been one the dark characters Batman has ever faced in the various medium whenever in comic books, movies, television or videogames. But most it was defined by portrayals of different actors.

When Warner Bros. announced at San Diego Comic-Con, that they are producing the most iconic Joker story ever told in Batman: The Killing Joke fans hope for Mark Hamill to reprise that role and back then he was crossing his fingers too.

Now it seems Mark Hamill still has his fingers still crossed for the voice role that’s having career resurgence with his return as the Trickster in The Flash, and the role that put him in the spotlight as Luke Skywalker the stars seemed to be aligned.

Hamill originated the voice of the character and fans are still hoping now he gets that chance to come out of retirement one more time to voice Batman’s most iconic villain The Joker. If things go with everyone way let’s hope they also cast Kevin Conroy to have a little Batman: The Animated Series reunion, which will also include Melissa Gilbert as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

But unfortunately we won’t be hearing Bob Hasting as the actor passed away last year. Still everyone can dream just to have Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman again go up Hamill’s Joker in this direct-to-video animated film.

Batman: The Killing Joke originally released in 1986 collected in prestige format written by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. The award-winning graphic novel defined the closest thing to a Joker origin that sums up what one bad day is enough to drive the person insane in the story. This precedes him to experiment to test the theory on Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara.


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