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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback: The Legend of Stormballs!

07.30.2015 – Star Wars is big since there’s a new movie ‘The Force Awakens’ that’s coming out later this year. The franchise has grown and it’s expanding beyond the outer rim with the success of Star Wars Rebels its latest animated series.

Plus more stories in comic book form published by Marvel and a slew of novels that are canon things are certainly looking up.

Star Wars transcends culture too which is impressive and sometimes obscure like shall we say the Stormballs? Wait? What?!

Yes The Stormballs, Surely you’ve never heard of such thing. You’ve seen some Stormtroopers step out of their comfort zone and do unique things. But in the Philippines the Stormballs are somewhat urban legends. You may not be able to search for them via Google, but in Youtube there are several videos to prove their existence has been around as far back in 2003.

Their first sighting of the Stormballs was at the old Louise THX in 2003. It was the first New Worlds: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention which was held outdoors another first for a fan event, that was also held in the afternoon up to the wee hours of the night.

This rare appearance of the sando-wearing-cycling-short clad outsiders of the Galactic Empire where in great numbers. No one knew who they where, but over the years they streak at events in cameo appearances or sometimes perform with Darth Vader to the tune of Filipino novelty songs (sexy remix editions) like “Spaghetti Pababa” (Spaghetti Going Down) or the ones former all-girl group Sex Bomb Dancers used to perform added to their repertoire.

Stormballs have evolved over the years with tweaking their Galactic Empire sanctioned Stormtrooper helmets that has balls on either side of their faces that George Takei might be shocked to see if he knew about them (Oh My!).

They even got featured in FHM back in 2008, where these exclusive unpublished behind-the-scenes images were taken at the Lazer Extreme in Market! Market! Its unfortunate their identities remain a secret until one newly recruit dared the laws of secrecy among the Stormballs hierarchy.

That new recruit is Mach Diesel the famed YouTube Toy Review of SMU Toys. The only Stormballs member who revealed his identity, which also appeared in the FHM featured article. Details of that particular issue have been lost in the FHM Philippines website, but the photo shoot at the arcade was taken on July 30, 2008. Its either that little article came out in August or September, and if you have that particular magazine feel free share it at the comment section.

For now the Stormballs are nowhere to be found, but eventually they’ll turn up since this is the year of Star Wars. They can’t hide forever since the Stormtroopers may need a few good Stormballs to delight the women and the entire crowd.

They are a rare breed far difficult to find than Bigfoot or even the Lochness monster, but if ever you see them in any of local conventions in the Philippines make sure you take a photo and hashtag: #StromballsSightings you’ll never know they might be reading this article by now to stage a comeback.

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