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Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Meal 2015: Hotel Transylvannia 2!

09.11.2015 – For those who have their ‘Happy’ completed some are anticipating the next Happy Meal. Thanks to online user JP Armada Conde who got the news that the meal toy will be from the upcoming animated feature film Hotel Transylvania 2!

This is the promotion for the Sony Pictures sequel that featured the voice of Adam Sandler and his actor friends. The next Happy in the US is also the said animated film, but there’s more details reveal regarding the difference of the toys.

There have been leaked images of what will be the next Happy Meal toy in the Philippines and assuming this will be also available in other parts of Asia. The said leaked images where only boxes toys that will be the next Happy Meal featuring characters from Hotel Transylvania 2.

In the US there will be less toys compared to the once about to be released for the Asian region. If you noticed the image for the US release have Mavis on her bike but his husband the human known as Johnny is not available. This is similar to what happened five years ago with Megamind toys.

The images below will give you an idea what to expect for the Philippine release though there are no actual image product the boxes that depict the characters will give you an idea what to expect:

Happy Meal Release for Australia

In Australia the next Happy Meal promotion features Hot Wheels (which has been partnered with Barbie last June 2015) and Monster High (released in the US last month) see below:


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    1. Lou, expect it to be available before the movie's September 23rd regular screening date,